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Adventure Thailand ’09 – 2nd day, Flooded Bangkok

Adventure Thailand ’09 – 2nd day, Flooded Bangkok

(Caption: Lew is enjoying the back ride hahaha) 


The series of articles of my adventure in Thailand was put on hold to give way to my trip in Istanbul and Republic of Georgia.  Since I don’t have any latest things to blog about Republic of Georgia, let me go back to my Thailand adventure series.


April 27, 2009 – Like what I have mentioned on my previous blog article (Click here), it was pouring hard outside the Sukhumvit Hospital and the street was flooded at least 8 inches deep.  We were waiting for at least an hour for a taxi but got bored of waiting so we called two motorcycle drivers just to take us to a non-flooded part of Bangkok.  I never thought I will have fun riding at the back of the motorcycle.  It was one of the amazing experiences I had in Thailand.


Here are some of the photos that I took while having that ride.  I only wish that I can upload the video of riding on a motorcycle and the video of rats and cockroaches.  No chance to upload those videos.  I guess next time huh!

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