A proud US Army Veteran response…

This post is about a response from a friend of mine regarding an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer that was published today.

Sen. Biazon you are in deep trouble, the Army will run after you….. Joke lang! 🙂

Response after the jump:

“In response to Mr. Biazon’s question why American government is sending the Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan, hmm…. well he should know better, he was a former military correct?

Here’s my answer to his stupid comments ——- Our aircraft carriers by average have multiple hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people at any given time; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have DFAC or dining facilities and cafeterias with the capacity to feed a couple thousand people three times a day, they can produce thousands of gallon of fresh water from sea water each day, and obviously they are designed to carry a dozen or so helicopters for use in rescue mission and are able to transport victims and injured to and from their flight deck or other hospital on shore.

Reminder to Mr. Biazon, action speaks louder than words……why don’t you ask China to help you out, Sir? I can not fathom why some people can not appreciate help from others?

Parting question for Mr. Biazon, what have you done to help your country lately and the disaster that just had occurred? “

Signed…. JDeoLM, FilAm and a proud US Army Vet.

Here is the link of the article that my friend JDeoLM referring to:  Click Here.

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  • Dear Mr. JDeoLm,

    It’s unfortunate that your patriotism is diferent to what your home country is.
    I dont appreciate your scuttlebutt but encourage your freedom to speak. This is a matter of national security and civilian minds will not understand why we have to take certain measures to protect our soil.

    To give you an example like a friend who is in need of help because his car just run out of battery charge and been waiting in the street for so long. Now his friend came with a TOW TRUCK and an AMBULANCE where all you need is a Car Jumper or a New Battery. So, you do the thinking now in my example and that was my only averment towards the BIG SHIP which no doubt of his full mission capacity as well as to land F18’s at no time 🙂

    Your’s Truly,
    Sen. Rudy Fernandez…este Lacson…
    What i meant is IAM BIAZON-Defender of the Universe !!!

  • To all my fellow countrymen (including dwarfs),

    The Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan taht Mr. JDeoLm and Sen. Biazon is arguing about is not what they think it is. Actually I call G.W Buss to bring help to us and he did and i was happy because a lot of our Pinoys can ride in that ship and hide to go to the US of A.

    🙂 Mabuhay po kayong lahat at sa mga milyong milyong OFW, TNT at mga Filam.

    Ang inyong lingkod – RIY SUBWAY

  • Sa totoo lang miss ko na kayo…Peksman mamatay man. Di nako magagalit pag papatawa si LONG, at makikipag pusoy nako ke LOUIE, pagbibigyan ko na maghugas ng plato sa Subweey si DiLLIA at pag jinojoke time ako ni Papa Gov. di nako magagalit oks lang kahit bangitin nya pa uli na galing ako kulungan or sa Mental or sa galing sa Hobbit of the Shire.

    Basta Love nyo nako ha !!!

    Pis na tayo

  • In response to Mr. Sen. Rudy Fernandez…este Lacson…What i meant is IAM BIAZON-Defender of the Universe !!!….. It really shows in your comment that you are not mechanically inclined, correct? Bringing a jumper cable as per your scenario won’t solve your friend’s predicament? You still need another vehicle to jump it! Hello! Bringing a battery requires tools! Replacing the battery either did not completely eliminate your friend’s problem. Is the battery drained because of bad alternator? Or the battery cells are all dead? See Sir, Tow trucks are equipped with everything your friends need! They have multi-meter to check the amp output of the alternator or they can load test the battery to pin point the problem! Tow trucks is a mobile maintenance shop…….since your friends car is broke down on the road, it become a road hazard, an accident waiting to happen, ambulance near by will surely save lives when the said car is nailed by another vehicle because remember, the roads in the PI are narrow and do not have shoulders so you can park your vehicle incase of emergency. Again, try to call another country to help you out? Call China or France for that matter and let me see what will be their answer (YSOL)………be glad we’re helping you out bro…….

  • Mr. Jdelm,

    I am mechanically inclined. Infact, i graduated in the degree in Mechanical Engineering sa Pinakamababang Paaralan sa Sulok ng Pilipinas as a 1st Honor i mean Sgt. of Arms (that is equivalent to Suma cum laude that time) in our section at the age of 38. You are very lucky to pass the NSAT at the age of 25 and still graduated in the age of 38, so i guess i am normal graduating in that age. I am also the Champion of Piko, patintero, Tat-ching, Tumbang Preso, agawan buko and Shato. So dont you say that i am mentally inclined but we all know that i am not.

    Filipinos live as simple as ABC. We liveonly wat we need. That is because Filipinos have more satisfaction than any APES and more resourceful than the ELEPHANT in the world. You know dont need that Tow Truck, even if its equiped like the Transformers. What we need is as simple as battery. By sending the Tow Truck is by measuring little our ingenuity is. I need the battery to charge my Multi-Cellphone that i bought from France which is made in China where it can pin point what really the problem of my car. Now to go align to the story, the USS Ronald Reagan is to fuckin BIG that can’t even see our poor fisherman who fish in the OCean using there Bangka. You think it is SAFE for BIG BOATS to park somewhere else in the Philippine Ocean that we know most of our Kababayan is Swimming, Fishing or maybe leaving already under the sea who knows?

    To cut the story short. We dont need it there’s too much americans inside there that again will encourage our good abiding PIMP’s citizen to go to prostitution again if they land in Subic or Pampanga. If i may suggest and its ok with me, they can land in Mindanao and park there Vessel somewhere near the Abu Sayaf Sea.

    IAM BIAZON-Defender of the Universe !!!

  • guys I really don’t know where this is going. I am really confused now.

    Anyway, this space is for you guys just keep commenting but please no cursing okay?


  • To the defender of the universe………..I guess offering help to someone in dire need is a criminal act now…so, if it makes my government who represent us, the tax payer, a criminal for opening our wallet and lending a helping hand to a friend who ask for help then so be it……please accept our sincere apologies for offending you Sir…..may you never need help from someone because helping you is a great offense and a waste of effort……. ……and to those who appreciate our kindness, please do not hesitate to call us again, it’s ok…..do not worry about it, that is what friends are for….remember, we will never falter in extending our hands to y’all and it is always our pleasure, we will constantly be obliged. Again, thank you….

  • Go Gov !!!

    Isa kang tunay na bayani…Mapa America, Iraq, Pilipinas, Afghan kahit sa man suyok ng mundo na me pilipino. Pagnagkita tayo uli dalhan kita madami Cho-choyeyt…

    para sayo BIAZON –> KALBO ka nga ! kasi hilig mo magpatawa, kaso lang pang-retarded mga JOKE mo at pang-unano. Me naaalala tuloy ako na tulod mong mag JOKE na nakulong dati at muntik ng sunugin ang bahay ng kaibigan namin tiga PEDEX dahil sa maling pagtawa.

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