A Quick Guide to Holidays to Rhodes for Families

The island of Rhodes has many fantastic qualities that make it the ideal holiday destination – from its fascinating culture and history, to its beautiful landscapes and beaches, to the great facilities, nightlife and eateries, but you might not have thought of it as the perfect holiday destination for families with young children. It might surprise you, but this is another feather that Rhodes can add to its cap and it’s a destination all families should consider when deciding where to go on their all inclusive holidays in 2012.

The best way to visit Rhodes with young children is undoubtedly to go all inclusive. All inclusive holidays mean you will have many great amenities for kids close at hand that you won’t have to raid the wallet for and they can also rush up to the drinks bar and have as many drinks and ice creams as they like. Most parents will agree this is a lifesaver as the cost of dropped or forgotten ice creams can quickly mount up while on holiday in a hot country! All inclusive hotels, such as the beautiful four-star Anavadia Hotel, also often have a range of outdoor pools so you and the little ones can make a splash without leaving the resort.

Rhodes has fabulous sightseeing opportunities for young children, especially young explorers or little historians. Rhodes Old Town, a World Heritage Site, is a great place for inquisitive young kids, as they can run through the narrow winding streets, skipping over cobbles and investigating its ancient buildings, bridges and towers. The Old Town also houses a fantastic Archaeological Museum, an ancient clock tower and colourful bazaars. For your little nature buffs, Rhodes Aquarium is chock full of marine animals that are sure to delight and during the right season a trip to the Butterfly Valley is sure to leave them squealing with delight as the air seems dense with all types of butterflies.

Your water babies will also love a trip to the largest Water Park in Europe located just outside the Farilaki Resort. This phenomenal water park has many unique slides, rides and pools, including children only areas that are perfect for water loving tykes.

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