Adventure Thailand ’09 – 3rd day, Flying to Krabi


(Caption: Overlooking Krabi)


April 28, 2009 – Our Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Krabi was around 1PM and we missed it!  We checked in half an hour before the flight time and we were told by the ground attendants that we can’t board the flight.  Unfortunately we can’t refund the ticket for some reason I don’t know.  Probably it was cheap; each ticket from Bangkok to Krabi cost about US$50.00, or probably the ticket was not refundable.  Obviously!  So, Lew bought another set of ticket and he got the 4:45 PM flight for the same day.  If I am not mistaken, it only took us an hour to reach Krabi Airport .  From the airport we took a taxi that took us to Aonang Port and cost THB600 and where we boarded a long tail boat to Railay beach.  We were booked at the Sunset Tropical Resort.  A villa, woohoo thanks to Lew.


(Caption: Getting a taxi from the airport to Ao-nang Port)


From Krabi airport it took us an hour to reach Aonang Port and from there, waited half an hour again for our long tail boat ride to Railay beach.  The ride on a long tail boat was about 15 minutes but I was not really comfortable being in that boat because it was dark and the ocean was too wavy.  I never dreamt of being out there at night fall for some reason I am scared of.  I guess it’s drowning and a big Nemo is waiting for me for his dinner. Hahaha.  But, I got to conquer one of my fears and that’s being in the ocean at night.


As we approach the West side of Railay beach, lights of some hotels and restaurants were visible.  The boat stopped around 200 meters away from the shore because it was a low tide during that time and walked through an almost two feet of water carrying our luggage’s.  Just a tip, if you ever go to this kind of places; never bring an expensive luggage (like LV ’s) hahaha…. It’s a waste of money!


As we reached the shore, a Thai guy approached us with his trolley and put our bags to take us to the East side of the beach.  Another 5 minutes walk until we reached the Sunset Resort Hotel reception.  Took us to our Villa, had dinner and went to sleep.


Whew!  What an exhausting day.


Here are some of the photos:


(Caption: Krabi International Airport)


(Caption: Long tail boat schedule at Ao-Nang Port)


(Caption: Ao-Nang Port Restaurants)


(Caption: A couple walking from the boat to the West Railay Beach Side, I post this just to show an example of how we walked from the long tail boat that night).


(Caption: Our luggage’s to Sunrise Tropical Resort)


(Caption: Another photo of our luggage’s to Sunrise Tropical Resort)


(Caption: A sign going from West to East side of Railay Beach)

On my next article, I’ll be talking some interesting facts about Krabi , Thailand. 

Sorry guys I am not well knowledgeable with the place so I’m getting the facts and maybe figures from best site to learn about something, the Wikipedia.

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