Adventure Thailand ’09 – Fertility Cave, Pra Nang

I do apologize if some of the graphics in this article will offend someone, it is not intended to.  If I won’t publish the photos, the whole sense of this story won’t be completely narrated.  I’m sure most of my readers are matured and understanding.

RaiLay peninsula with its scenic beaches and rock formations lies in the Andaman Sea near Krabi and can only be reached by boat. Three beaches – west, east and Phra Nang beach are separated by stretches of jungle and rocks. At the end of Phra Nang beach is located Princess Cave – small cave filled with colorful phallic symbols.


The following paragraph is part of the signage in front of the cave.

It is believed among the villagers here that the spirit of Phranang (Princess Goddess) resides in this cave.  Fishermen before going out would, pledge Phranang for good luck.  When their wishes fulfilled, votive offering would be made at the shrine.  Common gifts are flowers and incense Sticks, but usually the spirit of Goddesses shall be offered special gifts, the Lingams.  However, this has nothing to do with the Thai people’s religion, neither Buddhism nor Islam, that the belief of Lingam and holy womb shall create fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and mankind.

Here are some of the photos in that cave.

(Caption: Tourists flock the cave)

(Caption: Different sizes hahaha)

(Caption: Oh that’s a big one hahaha)

(Caption: What is that black color that looks very stiff? hahaha)

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