Adventure Thailand ’09 – Koh Hong Lagoon

Koh Hong Lagoon is one of the places that we’ve been to when we were in Krabi, Thailand.  We rented a boat for the whole day and the boatman named En took us to some of the most amazing islands in Krabi.  We’ve visited Paradise Island (I am not really sure if this is the correct name but I will find out), Phra nang Cave and Koh Hong Lagoon which I will talk about in this article and a travel article won’t be complete without photos.  Yes, photos!


Koh Hong means Room Island, Koh means Island and Hong is room. 


Why did they call this Room Island?

The name “Koh Hong” came from the island’s landforms having the Limestone Mountains surrounding the sea with a channel looking like a room gate.  That is how it was called Koh Hong or Room Island.


More photos after the jump.


(Caption: My friend Lew and the boatman En)


(Caption: Exit of Koh Hong Lagoon)

(Caption: The Blogger)

(Caption: Entrance of Koh Hong Lagoon)

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