Adventure Thailand ’09 – 2nd day, Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

April 27, 2009 – Nothing spectacular happened on our (Lew and I) first day in Bangkok; we arrived at the hotel about 8PM.  Just went out to have dinner and snoozed through the night.

It was our second day in Bangkok, Thailand when I had my check-up at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital.  It was my best friend Lew who made the appointment in this hospital that is located in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand.  It was also him who really encouraged me to have my check up there before we continue our adventures in Thailand.  Thanks Lew.

There are lots of things that I really like about this hospital, which is by the way the first hospital I’ve ever been to in Thailand.  I liked the cleanliness of it, it is huge, the attendants are very attentive (typical Thai culture), gave me a card for my hospital record, the Neurologist speaks good in English (Oops wait! Before you get an idea about the Neurologist, I am not insane okay.  I’ll tell you all about it on the latter part of my story), it’s an all in one hospital where they specialize in everything (Lew had a face lift, JOKE!), and the most important one is it is not very expensive.  It only cost me THB 2,550.00 which is US$75.00 (PHP 3,525.00).

I can’t think of any negative thing about this hospital so we’ll just talk about the positive things alright?


Like what I’ve said earlier, I talked to a neurologist about my headaches that occur daily.  My intention was to have my head scanned with a CT scan (Computerized Tomography Scan) machine but I was advised by the hospital representative to talk to their resident neurologist first and have me examined and check if I really needed a CT scan.  It turned out, I don’t have to.  So I didn’t (well I thought about it but it was just a waste of Thailand Baht hahaha).  Then I had a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and found out that everything is in normal condition.  Isn’t that the best result?  Woohoo, strong as a horse!


On our way out of the hospital, it was raining so hard.  The street of Sukhumvit was flooded and I will tell you all about it on my next story.  The flood story will involve Rats, and cockroaches.  Gross I know, but it will be fun to talk about it.  I had fun, Lew and I had fun.  Which I am sure when he reads this, it will all come back to him. Hahaha…. So you better come back next time or better yet subscribe to my email newsletter so you’ll receive my new stories about the adventures Lew and I had in Thailand.


Here are some photos of the said hospital.


Caption: Front of the hospital.

Caption: Inside of the Derma Section.

Caption: Lew looking for some pastries.

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