Air Supply Concert in Clark Expo Pampanga


Middle of last year, Air Supply my favorite duo from the land down under held a concert in the Philippines and I wasn’t able to watch it because I left Philippines a week before their concert in Araneta Coliseum, Manila.  I thought that would be the last chance I would see them, and I was very disappointed.  That might be the last time they’ll perform in Philippines, let’s accept it they are getting old and their voice range is not that high as it used to be.  Why did I say that?  I saw a DVD from their recent concert in Canada and Russell Hitchcock was having a difficulty of getting those very high notes.  But hey, they are still “Air Supply”. 


But this year they will have a concert again, one in Araneta Coliseum on the 3rd of October and on the 1st of October in Clark Expo, Angeles City.  My Family and I will be watching the concert in Clark and my brother already bought 6 VIP tickets.  Now all I do is get my ass to the Philippines and I can watch the show.  I just felt sorry that my brother in Korea wouldn’t be able to watch it and my best friend Lew, maybe in the future.



(Caption: The VIP Tickets)


After the show, I will have an article about the Australian duo and the concert and let’s see if they will really impress me.  Photos and video clips will be posted here once available.  I am just hoping that the concert organizers won’t forbid bringing cameras.  Or else, Ninoy Aquino will talk (bribe hahahaha). J


If you are interested to watch the show on October 1, 2009, here are some useful information or click this link


Concert Information:


Venue: Clark Expo, Angeles City, Pampanga


Event Date/Time:  October 1, 2009, Thursday at 8:00PM


Seat and Price: 

VIP P3,168.00

Patron P2,112.00

Upper Box P1,056.00

Gen. Admission P317.00


Where to buy tickets:  SM Malls or

See you at the concert….

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  • WTF!!! They start at the end of 70’s and I grew up listening to their songs. By the way, I’m in mid-30’s. 🙂

    I don’t look that age anyway lol….

  • russel would you please forgive me!!!!!!please do you concert here in batangas lipa city!!because im your solid fun!!all your song.i know that!!my favorate song is making love out of nothing all!!!

  • was in canada for xmas and saw the supertramp singer play by niagra falls. great to see a band somewhere a bit different, even if it was minus 20 and 2 feet of snow

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