Air Supply Concert in Philippines

I’m currently in Philippines right for my quarterly vacation of 2 weeks and I haven’t been anywhere far away from home.  Because of the humidity here, I am so lazy to go out. 

Before I took the trip for Philippines, I’ve planned to go to Boracay for the first time with my bro but since the weather is so unpredictable, I’ve postponed it and who knows when that day will be.

This evening I was in SM Mall in Clark and I saw the poster of Air Supply about their concert in Philippines from June 12 to 15, 2008.  I know that it’s impossible for me to watch the concert dated on the 13th onwards since I am leaving on the 13th for Malaysia.  So I thought of thinking to watch it on the 12th but the problem is it’s in Subic, Zambales and it’s at 8PM. 

I just thought probably it’s not the right time to watch my favorite duo in concert.

Better luck next time. 🙂


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  • to: Russell Graham
    Sir, i was able to have a duet with you when i was 5 years old at brgy. malapatan, saranggani province, mindanao (philippines). If you will grant my wish, i would like to ask a copy of picture if you still have. Sir, i still remember that unforegettable night. How i wish i will meet you again together with your band. I love all your songs!

    from: Junaly Martinez, 19 yrs. old

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