Alluring Atlanta: The Southern Gem

Georgia Acquarium

For day-trippers or serious adventure seekers, Atlanta Georgia is the jewel of the south. It’s where CNN and Coca Cola have their headquarters. Atlanta is a mix of a cosmopolitan city with good old Southern hospitality; a combination very charming to tourists. With brilliant weather all year round, in Atlanta it’s a good idea to wear shorts and cover your head with a hat.

For travellers on a budget, it’s recommended to get the Atlanta City Pass that allows entry into six places that really give a brilliant insight into the history and present day of this wonderful city. Included on the Atlanta City Pass are: The World of Coca Cola, The Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta and The Inside CNN Atlanta Studio Tour. Also one can choose between the Fernbank Museum of Natural History or Atlanta Botanical Garden, and the High Museum of Art or Atlanta History Centre.

Southern Style food is famous across the entire world, and nowhere else serves it up in such decadent and delicious restaurants. Starting the day with a Southern breakfast is highly recommended at least once in a person’s lifetime. Feel your artery walls getting thicker by the second, and love it all the same. Order biscuits and gravy, eggs and meat, waffles and enjoy Southern gargantuan portions. Look to Gladys Knight and Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffles or the Silver Skillet.

After completing the day visiting interesting sights, finish up with a mint julep or a Sambucca at one of the rocking bars in the Buckhead district. Check out some prime Atlanta night life where the beer is always cold and the blues is always hot in places like Peach Tree Tavern or Moondogs. Alluring Atlanta is a place where holiday-makers can have an affordable good time, what are you waiting for? Browse flights to Atlanta today to find affordable prices from your nearest airport.

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