American Airlines……… are you kidding me?

This post for today was contributed by a good friend of mine Lew from Texas who himself is a frequent traveler. 

Lew:  I have to say, I really don’t CARE if AA goes broke, quite frankly, they deserve to be shut down permanently.

AA has forgotten the first and ONLY rule that applies when you serve the public, and especially when you serve as many yearly as they do.

SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE… that is the key to success, AND to their survival. Their staff and management have forgotten these basic principles….in spades!!

Living overseas and travelling internationally many times each year, I am consistently amazed as the LACK of service levels when flying AA. They treat you like they are doing YOU a favour to take you from point A to point B, and don’t care what you think of the experience.  After just giving them $1300.00 of my hard earned money, you would THINK that I could check my bag, have an ENTIRE can of coke, a thin little piece of fabric they think is a blanket, and a lump of cellulose they seem to believer is a pillow; all for “no cost”. However, that “REWARD” for flying with them, is evidently too much to ask as a passenger.

What is wrong with this picture???  America and the service it provides to its citizens and others, USED to be the service STANDARD for the world. Where did we go wrong??

I look at these people that have a UNION covering every aspect of their job duties, and can in no way be admonished for LOUSY service, PISS POOR attitudes, and HORRIBLE manners.  Companies have lost their edge due to collective bargaining and the unions, in my opinion.

Do you see a union at the premier carriers in the world today that rank 4 stars and above??  Emirates, Qatar Air, Gulf Air, Thai Air, Air Asia, Southwest Airlines… NO, yet these airlines continue to provide service standards that few can match. And NO it is not just because some of these carriers are government owned. Southwest Airlines has for over 30 years provided A++ Quality service, friendly people, and customer service, ALONG with reasonable pricing to its passengers.

AA shareholders have simply gotten to greedy to realize that their constant demanding for profits are eventually going to ruin them as a carrier, due to poor SERVICE, and I don’t just mean what they LIKE to call “customer service” the two are VERY different, and they need to realize that fact.

If you are treated like THEY are doing you a favour, then I think I’ll do my self one, and NOT fly AA in the future..

mrlooThank you Lew.  Two months ago, I also had an experience flying with American Airlines and it is the worst airlines a passenger could ever have.  Most of the attendants were a bit rude and unpleasant.  Most of their flights are delayed or cancelled.  They even charged $US6 for a can of beer!  WTF!!!  Anyway, if I can help it, that will be the first and the last time.


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