American Eating – An Assault of Food

Travelling on an Ocean Florida holiday is a great chance to eat American food.  This country is famed for its cuisine and huge feasts – this certainly holds up as the portions here are giant and delicious.

Americans have pretty enormous appetites and if you order a starter and a main course you might be carried out of the restaurant on a stretcher. In fact sometimes ordering just a starter is more than enough. The key is to pick just one course, and if you are apprehensive take a peek at the tables around you – if they are trembling under the weight of food other patrons are eating you might want to be wary. Above all, you don’t need to finish everything – food here is generally quite cheap so there’s no problem leaving something behind.

It’s a bit sad that most people are struck only by the quantity of food here as it’s actually quite delicious. Burgers, chicken wings and pizza are all amazing here and you will find it hard to eat these dishes anywhere else afterwards. If you are in Florida you will find some great local delicacies like Key Lime pie and seafood that are absolutely world class – other states have similar specialities: New England is great for chowder, Georgia for fried chicken and New York for amazing pizza. So, though you may be overwhelmed by the quantities, don’t let this take away from your overall enjoyment of the food. Americans love their cuisine and it certainly shows.

If you do come to America try to get some home cooked food as well. The local people pride themselves on their cooking and if you get invited to a local BBQ or dinner you will be blown away by the care and pride that is put into simple dishes: rack of ribs melt off the bone, potatoes are crisped perfectly and home-made pasta is served in delicious sauce.

The United States is worth visiting for a lot of reasons, and food is certainly one of them. Just be sure to get past the huge portions and enjoy the cuisine. One word of warning: don’t expect it to be healthy as you will get your fair share of grease – though it will be delicio

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