An article from Macedonia and I’m in it!

I got this email from a colleague and after reading it I thought somebody was playing with me.  Who wouldn’t think of that?  Of all Filipino, a website from Macedonia used my photo for their article titled “Filippinos working in Skopje“.  This article is regarding 150 Filipinos (by the way this is the correct spelling of Filipinos) who are working in Skopje, Macedonia to build a new U.S. Emabassy.

According to the article, the Filipinos lived in a four floor building and they even built a basketball hoop for the kids in that area.  Some of the older ladies in the neighborhood don’t like their new neighbors because they would put their washed clothes outside for drying. (My goodness, a Filipino is a Filipino where ever they go lol)

If you’d like to read the complete article and see my photo in it then here is the link.


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  • sorry about that story.Maybe Macedonians are not used to see clothes hanging out in the window as typical Filipino does.
    But anyway I have been there to Macedonia last September 2011 and they were so warm and amazing people to be with. I am a Filipino who wandered there in Skopje for 4 days to attend and sang a Macedonian song in a Christian concert. Amazing place and specially the people itself!:)

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