An open editorial from the “Overseas Filipino Worker for Social Equality” (OFWSE)

Here is an open editorial from a concerned Overseas Filipino Worker in regards with the freedom to choose when the opportunity knocks, whether it’s Iraq, Afghanistan or any country that the Philippine government imposed a travel ban. 


I totally agree with the writer, Philippine government should let their citizens choose where they want to work.  If the citizen think that going to these places will provide a better living to their family, then be it!!!


Here is the editorial from AntiTrapo of


Why are we not free to pursue the best course for our own lives, and that of our families that rely on us?


As a free person I should have the right to take risks I feel are justified to support my family and secure my future; don’t you feel the same way?


Why should my government have the right to tell me I cannot leave my country to pursue a career that will allow me the best support for my family and myself?  If my government WERE providing me with job opportunities that paid a decent wage, and provided me a way to improve my lot in life for not only myself but those that I love, I would not desire to look elsewhere for better opportunities; but my government has failed to provide these opportunities for not only me, but the future generations, MY FUTURE CHILDREN!!


They choose to close these doors of opportunity for me and my loved ones by restricting WHERE I can work and in WHAT country. WHY???


The money I can make in another country is sent back to support those I leave behind, and thus helps to prop up those that cannot, or do not wish to leave to seek their fortunes. These are the rights of an open society, to stay and work at home with no problem. But those of us that ARE more adventurous, and are willing to take higher risk for higher returns should not be penalized by our government, when THEY cannot provide us these opportunities.


I wish to partake of work in Afghanistan, and Iraq, were many are currently working illegally.  Illegally ONLY due to the restrictive practices of my own Philippine government. WHY??  I want to know WHY those in the ivory palaces of government are so afraid that they want to restrict my movement into these seas of opportunity.  We as a people need to start asking these questions of our own government, and demanding some answers!!


We pride ourselves on attaining the democratic models of the Americans and Europeans, yet will not legally open opportunities for worldwide employment for our own people. WHY??  Other countries do not restrict WHERE their peoples can pursue jobs and employment, WHY is OUR government so opposed to allowing this?  What do you have to fear, is my question to them??  Again, I must ask WHY MY government is being so restrictive on my movements into these areas of opportunity.


Do we fear reprisals from Muslim fanatics? Do we fear higher crime within our cities?  These arguments are meaningless.  Have you BEEN to the Muslim parts of our country, we face terrorism there already? Have you been on the streets of Manila, or ANY of our major cities?  Crimes ARE happening because the people have no opportunity to get ahead and provide a living for their families, so stealing and robbery become the only outlet to combat the lack of opportunity for our young and those trying desperately to support a family.


Open up our boarders to travel wherever the job opportunities are, and see our crime at home drop, AND our standard of living improves. WHAT do we have to lose? If I am willing to sign away liability to my government which would then allow me to pursue my career where and when I want, so be it. I ask nothing in return of my government, but to let me seek opportunity wherever in the world that may be; and to support and provide for my family the best that I can.


What do you think?  


By AntiTraPo – Join the forum. 

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  • Amen on this Kabayan!!!
    Very well said…I think this is the right time for all of us, Who they called “bagong bayani” to unite and stand together, and send our message across…We have the right to choose..We have our own liberty!

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