Avoid Renting Vehicle from Sixt.com in Barcelona

This blog does not intend to ruin a company’s reputation by publishing their clients complain but if it can help my visitors/readers then so be it.  It is my intention to warn travelers and maybe this will change the company’s services to their clients and probably hire well mannered employees.

Here’s the email of a friend and a frequent traveler to Sixt.com – a car rental company.

My name is Lewis W. Osborne III and I had placed this rental car order for pick up at the Barcelona, Spain Airport location on 9.25.2010 on your web site; for a vehicle pick up on 10.2.2010.

I therefore request a FULL refund of my entire $832.03 immediately, and will monitor its return date to my account closely.

I had paid 100% of the rental and set up everything for EXPRESS pick up. The billing for 615.91 Euro cleared my bank and I assumed everything was ready to go. I had used my VISA Credit /Debit Card to pay for this booking.

The CREDIT CARD payment cleared my bank as noted below on 9.29.2010

09/29/2010 1:23:55 AM 

Point Of Sale Withdrawal SIXT AUTOVERMIETUNG PALMA DE MALL ES – $832.03

When I arrived to the pickup counter, I gave the girl my confirmation EXPRESS ticket and she asked for my Credit Card to confirm the DEPOSIT ONLY.  She looked at my card and said that she could not use this for my DEPOSIT, and I asked “Why NOT”??

She said that since it was a debit card she could not use this. The card says debit, but also is a VISA CREDIT CARD as well.  This is a DUAL USE card.

When I told her to simply run it as a credit card she refused to do so, telling me that your system would not take that. I asked her to simply TRY to run it as a CREDIT CARD, as I use this ALL OVER THE WORLD for this purpose!!

She refused to even try to run the card and then told me she could not release the car.

I said fine, and then I want my $832.03 back. She advised that she could not refund my money and that I had to request a refund through this e-mail site.

I asked to speak with her ON SITE Manager, and was informed that he was off today, do to it being Saturday.

TO ME, this says that your company lacks any sort of foresight to “customer service” allowing your companies’ reputation to be ruined by an evident “hourly employee” that has NO interest in your company’s reputation or good standing. In addition, your management team (which again apparently has little regard for customer service) is also at fault for not maintaining better oversight of your operations.

But yes your company’s poor attitude and lack of regard for your customers goes even farther!!

 I asked for a contact number to your customer service CENTER, and was given a local number in SPAIN.

When I called that number and described my problem, and asked to speak to a manager of customer service, I was informed that they too did not work weekends and there was NO ONE there that could even listen to my complaint.

This is absolutely the most idiotic situation I EVERY encountered with a major company involved in DAILY 24 hour a day operations dealing directly with the public!!

I am appalled that your company has not been thoroughly written up in the public media for such poor service, but I can ASSURE you I will remedy THAT situation!!

To have NO ONE available either neither on the actual site office, nor at your customer service center is unacceptable.

I own a large travel blog, and guarantee you; your poor service and utter lack of concern for your customers will be thoroughly revealed.  In addition, I will post a major write up disclosing your total lack of concern for you customers on www.traveladvisor.com which is the largest travel site in the world. Your company will be fully disclosed for what is your complete lack of understanding even the TERM “Customer Service” as well as your poor service and lack of regard for your patrons.


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  • Hi,

    I’m Gary Coughlan, the U.K Customer Service Manager.

    I am very sorry to read here on this blog the problems experienced by Mr Lewis W. Osbourne III. I would like to look into this further and contact my colleagues in Spain for an explanation.

    Perhaps, you could be kind enough to arrange for the customer to forward some details, such as the reservation number and any previous correspondence. My e-mail address is gary.coughlan@sixt.com

    I will do all that I can to help and report back here on this blog.

    Best regards

  • I was copied on the email of Sixt Rental Barcelona representative to the client and I’m publishing it to be fair to the Rental company.

    Dear Mr. Osborne,

    As requested your reservation has been cancelled without fees. As stablished on our terms and conditions no type of debit card is accepted to made a rental.

    Please apologize the inconveniences it may have caused.

    Best regards

    Jaime Villalonga Rotger

  • Gary,

    Here is my original info to your customer service desk. I have YET to see my my FULL refund back into my account..

    Your attendant at the counter doesn’t know what she is talking about, my card CAN be used as a VISA CREDIT as well, and I went to the airport counter the next day to pick up my wife and booked a HERTZ with the same card. Better rate than Sixt and got a Mini Convertible I am very happy with. I can guarantee you I will never use Sixt again, as your staff was rude and NOT customer friendly in the least..

    I will also advise all on my web blog to avoid Sixt at all costs when traveling, as well as note this on http://www.traveladvistor.com and http://www.digifotoblog.com

  • I wish I had read the blog before. Sixt Barcelona asked a EUR 4000 deposit and was not able to use a dual porpose Visa. Different question is if they are not able or they don’t want to. This is a easy way to get rid of early bookings with discounted rates.

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