Ayutthaya Market Photos

After seeing Ayutthaya Historical Park, had a chance to see the market and all I bought was a Durian Chips which I was munching while window shopping.  Oh I almost forgot, I also bought a Hammock (Duyan in Tagalog) made from cloth for a mere THB150 ($US4.50) unfortunately never took a picture of it.

Anyway, here are some photos that you might like to see.

This is where I bought the Hammock.

These are Thai Chips and delicacies.

These are dried fish skin chips which I had a chance to taste.  I liked it.

These are Thai version of Philippines Puto or are they called Steamed Rice cakes?

I think these are pickled fruits or veggies.

These are Samurai replicas but made in China. Ohhhhh China….

Anyway, Happy Trip!

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  • Ohh…. memories of Thailand. I stayed there for two months to attend a training in 1979. I know that country is better now.

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