A Bad Dinner Experience at AllGood Cafe in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Of all the days to be humiliated, why it was on my birthday on Jan 28? And of all people, it was from this rude, obnoxious, old goat owner of AllGood Cafe’, Mike Schneider.

I and my buddy went to celebrate my birthday in Deep Ellum and saw this establishment. We saw that they have a band playing that time and thought might be a good place to have dinner while listening to good music and as soon as we went in, the old goat approached us and gave us 2 options, either watch the show and pay $20 each or order food. So we ordered food worth almost $40.

I wonder why he kept looking at us and found out he was waiting for us to finish our food to approach us. Once the waitress took my plate, this old goat approached us and asked us if we are going to continue watching the show which I think it was about to conclude. He said if we are going to stay and watch the band performing that night, we still have to pay $20 each which we find it absurd since we already spent $40 for the food and about to order few more drinks as we planned to stay. He started talking to us in a loud voice and like scolding 2 kids. The band finished their song while this old goat was talking to us loudly and other people were staring at us. We decided to leave even I still have a half filled beer. We couldn’t be in a place that we felt not welcomed. This old man doesn’t deserve our money!

The obnoxious old Mike Schneider should not be even talking to clients as he lacked class and the proper way to talk to people. In the middle of our dinner, I think he shooed away 6 persons as soon as he approached them.

Two waitresses were busy and our waitress was very attentive to us. She was the one who apologized for what happened. We gave her tip as she deserved that for being a good server.

I would not recommend this establishment to a friend or anyone while it is still owned by this obnoxious and probably uneducated old goat. He lacks the ability to communicate with his customers. No class at all!

To all who will read this, find a restaurant that will treat you with respect and not rip you and treat you unkindly.



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