Bangkok – Street Foods

After visiting Grand Palace for the 2nd time around, I walked to the streets outside the Palace and noticed that there are lots of Food vendors on the sidewalk.


In this post I will only show the photos since I haven’t tried any of these foods.  Though I was tempted to try what I saw, I got scared, scared of getting some diseases.


More photos after the jump.

Caption:  these are sausages i guess, the round looks like fish balls. 



Caption:  a food vendor   


Caption:  no idea what are these  

Caption:  vendor waiting for customers

Caption:  looks like friend veggies…. don’t know for sure

Caption:  this vendor sells Basil Sour Pork and rice. 

Caption:  numbers showing on the board are 5, 15, 30.  30 Baht = almost US 1$


Caption:  no idea what this vendor sells.


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  • @ Rob in Thailand, yup they maybe tastier than cheap hotels can offer but health wise, I will not recommend eating on the street. Lot’s of bacteria out there. 🙂

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