Before You Leave For Vietnam

I have learned my lessons from my past travels so I came up with this list of to dos before I travel out of the country.  It was not cheap to forget some of these things in the list.

Hopefully, this post will help you travelers in a way.


Here are the most important things before I leave for Vietnam:

Make sure your passport has at least six months validity from your planned date of return to your home country.

As a Filipino, I don’t need to apply Visa in advance. We are given visa upon arrival and can stay free for 21 days as part of the ASEAN Countries consists of Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

If you belong to other countries that don’t have a priviledge to enter Vietnam without a Visa, there are two options:

First option to obtain a Visa is to go to the Vietnamese Embassy in your own country and apply in person.

Second option is to apply a visa on arrival by doing these steps:
1. Get started by filling in the secure online form Here.
2. After you submit your application and payment, the visa will be processed in about 2 working days and you will receive an approval letter (pre-approved visa letter). This needs to be printed and prepare at least 2 passport sized photos (4cm x 6cm)
3. Upon arrival at Vietnam’s airport, you will need to fill a simple form, present your approval letter, Passport, Photos and pay for the stamping fee. And hopefully, there won’t be a long que of people waiting for their visas.

The price of a single entry visa for 1 months is $15.

Travel Insurance
I suggest to purchase Travel Insurance once you booked your flight so you can cover the days you will be traveling.  Most policies do not automatically include cover for claims involving motorcycling, if you plan on riding a motorcycle in Vietnam (r even as a passenger), make sure you include this option on your policy.  Motorcycles swarms the streets in Vietnam

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I'm not a Professional writer nor did I study Journalism or Literature, but I love sharing my travel experiences and advise other travelers who have not seen what I have. I've been blogging since 2007 and traveled to a lot of places and I love it and will continue doing it until the time that I can't walk anymore.

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