, another way to monetize your blog

I signed up to this new monetization service today and it’s called Blogrolled.  It works like Text Link Ads except that the links are in your blogroll.  To cut the story short, advertisers will buy links on your Blogroll to be added on your links, as simple as that!

As of now, my application for my 3 blog sites are still pending.

To more about Blogrolled read below.

According to

How it Works

As an advertiser, it’s an easy process. We have an inventory of publishing sites available to you which you can search, sort through, and find publishers related to your product or service. Once you have found a listing you like, enter the details for your site and then checkout. Within a few business days of making the purchase, the selected publisher will place your ad live on their site.

As a publisher, it’s just as easy. Once an advertiser makes a purchase from your listing, you will be notified of the sale. Once you’ve received the notification, you will be asked to place the ad on your site into your blogroll. 

That’s it!

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