Bulalo Steak at K Cafe’ in Angeles City

It was past lunch time and I have not eaten yet except for a cup of brewed coffee from home.  Famished and craving for some protein since I started my low carbs diet and thought of driving to the restaurants near where I was.  I went to Quad Nepo in Angeles City and decided to try K Cafe’.  I wanted a steak and was curious with their Bulalo Steak.  I wonder how this meat with big bones can be sliced into a steak size and cooked as a steak.  For all my readers who are not familiar with Bulalo.  Bulalo is the meat and knee cap of a cow and is typically cooked as a soup (Bulalo Soup) and it’s mostly an after party meal.  It is one of the famous dish in the Philippines.

The Bulalo Steak was surprisingly good. Tender and tasty. It was supposed to be served with rice but requested not to have the rice and just increase the servings of the veggies. Two things that I can suggest to the server is to find out first what veggies they serve instead of saying the steak will be served with Asparagus (which I love) and NOT string beans. Second, the gravy was served over the steak which I know it is the common practice hear in the Philippines. But I wish it was served separately and I had the decision on how much I will pour over the steak. I didn’t want my meat with a lot of gravy (personal preference).

Besides those two things, everything was okay. Attentive servers, clean surroundings, nice place where you can really relax.


The place was empty when I arrived probably it’s after lunch hours.


The Bulalo Steak costs only PHP 250 (US$5.74), cheap.


They also have variety of cakes and I have heard from friends that they actually have good cakes. Maybe next time, when I’m not on a diet. 🙂


The Sizzling Apply Cheesecake looks so good….. I will try you this July hahaha


At night time, you will see people having coffee outside the main Restaurant.


Front view of K Cafe’

Well, hope you enjoyed my review of K Cafe.  It’s been a while since I have written a post here.  And if you’d like to visit them, here’s their Facebook Page at this Link.

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