Canon EOS 30D Flash

(Caption: Photo taken from Nokia N97 Camera)


For the past few years, I’ve been thinking of buying a flash for my Canon EOS 30D and I was a bit hesitant because of its price tag.  The one that I liked was Canon Speedlite 580EX and that time the price was more than $500.00.  I thought it’s not practical to buy a flash that is so expensive.


Well, two weeks ago I was looking for that specific flash again online and after few hours that day I was talking to one of my colleagues and found out that he is a photographer by hobby.  We talked about what camera we have and exchange some tips and tricks.  Then he mentioned that he has a flash that may fit my camera and I asked him if he is selling it and how much would he charge me for.  He just said he’ll give it to me for free.  Can you believe that?  All of a sudden I have my flash and even it was not the flash that I would like to purchase but hey, it’s working and I am really happy of the result which you would see some shots at the bottom part of this article.


By the way his name is Tom and he is from Houston, Texas but he lived now in Pattaya, Thailand with his fiancé.  Tom gave me Sunpak PZ42XC Digital Flash for Canon Digital SLR’s.


(Caption: A sample photo that I took using the Sunpak Flash, Yummy ain’t it?)


If you are planning to buy one of the Flashes that I have mentioned, you can click the following links or images:

Sunpak PZ42XC Digital Flash for Canon Digital SLR’s – $149.95 from Jr.

Canon Speedlite 580EX II Electronic Flash for EOS and G-Series Digital Cameras – $429.99 from Jr.

Canon 2805B002 Speedlite 430 EX II – $274.99 from Jr.

Once again, thank you Tom.  Talk to you in Thailand when I get there.

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