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Apple Store now in Philippines
Eagerly waiting for my MacBook

Apple Store now in Philippines

I received an email from Apple today and I was surprised that there’s an Apple Store in Philippines Apple Online Store.  Woohoo!!!


I started using Macbook months ago and I’m really excited that they now ship Apple products in Philippines and the catch is the shipping is free when you order more than PHP 3,000.00.  Another thing is if you are an eligible student or a teacher you can get discounts on Apple products.



A while ago I tried to compare the price of the Apple Online Store and where I ordered my Macbook.  I looked at the price of iMac 24” which I am planning to buy for my room and a difference of $47.00 that you’ll pay extra when you order through Apple store and have it delivered in the Philippines.


Not bad at least I don’t have to carry it from Dubai to Philippines. 🙂



Eagerly waiting for my MacBook

macbook.JPGLast week, I’ve finally decided to buy a Macbook to replace my Dell Inspiron 1500 (my 2nd laptop).  It took me at least 2 years to decide and finally I have decided to switch to Mac World.   

I was kind of hesitant about the idea of buying the Mac but my buying impulsiveness won over.  I bought it through and it costs me $1,479.99, its $20 cheaper than when you buy through – but the shipping is a bit expensive, it costs me almost $40.  So, to lessen the expenses, I used my affiliate link so I got a 5% discount.  It’s a good deal, don’t you think so?

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