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A.W. Surveys – another way to make money online
2, another way to monetize your blog
My Biggest Online Pay Check to date $$$
Linkshare Affiliate – November ’07 Revenue
Let’s make money with Widgetbucks!

A.W. Surveys – another way to make money online is one of the many sites that you can earn money online.  All you have to do is register on their website and you can start earning money by filling out their surveys and through referrals.


In fact I registered yesterday and started their surveys and did some referrals too.  And look how much I earned that day.

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I signed up to this new monetization service today and it’s called Blogrolled.  It works like Text Link Ads except that the links are in your blogroll.  To cut the story short, advertisers will buy links on your Blogroll to be added on your links, as simple as that!

As of now, my application for my 3 blog sites are still pending.

To more about Blogrolled read below.

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My Biggest Online Pay Check to date $$$

cimg0214a.JPGI just want to share with you my biggest online pay check through Linkshare affiliate.  If I can remember it right it’s my 4th check from Linkshare and my biggest to date. 

It’s only $32.30; I know the amount is nothing compare to other bloggers who receive 3 to 6 figures every month through their blog site.  But for me, any amount is a blessing.  I can renew my domain for three years with this amount. 

Blogging is just my hobby, but if I can earn extra cash with it – why not! J

Linkshare Affiliate – November ’07 Revenue

affiliate_report1.JPGThe LinkShare affiliate referral program lets bloggers earn revenue from their websites by placing ads on their blog sites. When a visitor responds by buying or registering, blog owners are paid a fee by individual LinkShare network merchants. Read More

Let’s make money with Widgetbucks!

 logo.pngSeattle based Mpire Corporation launched a widget ad network called WidgetBucks. With this widget, bloggers can customize the type of consumer items that they want to appear in the widget. The other option is that WidgetBucks can serve up contextually relevant ads based on the topics they write about just like Adsense and its called Merchsense.

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