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3 update: 666 Members
4 – Looking for the 600th member!
5 reached 500 members – 1,000 Members

Since its conception, we already have 997 members and 3 members shy to reach our 1,000 members mark. If you are an OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) and haven’t join our Social Network yet, please join us and meet a lot of OFW’s online.

What is is what I have been asked many times by some of the OFW’s I have met on a day to day basis and on my travels? is a Social Network; it’s like the famous Facebook, Friendster, etc. It is where you could meet OFW’s all over the world by being connected as friends online.

What are the features of this social network? Well, let me show some screen captures of the Social Network features and to explain clearly.

Featured Member – Send me a message if you’d like to be a featured member and I will be glad to have you featured in our site.

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I’ve been out of circulation for some time now and wanted to get my groove back in blogging.  I do still have a lot of stuff to blog about with my previous travelling.  But for now, I’m hooked with Twittering and I’m trying to build my Twitter followers to get more traffic for this blog.

Would you like to be one of my followers?  If you do, leave a comment with your Twitter profile and I’ll follow you back. 🙂

Happy Twittering guys. 🙂 update: 666 Members

I just checked few minutes ago how many members we have in OFW Friends Online website and I am glad that since May 27, 2009, 67 new members registered.  Isn’t that amazing, who knows might be the next Friendster, Facebook or Myspace.  At least just a fraction of it will be a milestone for the Overseas Filipino Workers Online Website.  With all the members help, we can spread the news about this site.


The only thing that really disturbed me was the number of members.  We have 666 members.  Isn’t that a Devil’s number?


Well, I don’t believe that there’s such thing as a devils number.

But this is what I believed in, if you are an OFW, do join our Social Network and invite your OFW Friends. J – Looking for the 600th member!

In, we have 599 members so far and we are looking for the 600th member.  If you are thinking that there will be price for the 600th member, you are right!  The 600th member will be provided a round trip ticket.  Just kidding!


Join now and be proud to be a Filipino and a member of OFW Friends Online Community.


Click here to join.  SIGNUP reached 500 members was created and been online from September 2008 and after seven months of existence finally it reached 500th members mark.

To all the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) out there, join the growing community of


See you there! J

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