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Looking for an iPhone 4 Sponsor
Thank you for the N97!

Looking for an iPhone 4 Sponsor

You may probably ask why am I blogging about the latest iPhone 4 in my travel blog, well who doesn’t since Steve Jobs introduced the latest gadget phone?  Here’s why, iPhone has a lot of applications about traveling, you can search for an address of a restaurant, when you get sick while you’re traveling you can search a doctor near you and call or email directly, or you can even have an application that can translate Tagalog to English.  It’s a must to have.

IPhone 4 can be pre-ordered now and will start shipping on June 24, 2010 in the United States.  iPhone 4 in the Philippines will partner with Globe Telecommunications and have a tentative release date in September. 

I’m calling all the good Samaritans out there who are willing to donate an iPhone 4.  Show me the love.

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Thank you for the N97!


I would like to be detailed but I chose not.  All I want to say is Thank You to my Sponsor! J


I might do a product review with this phone, show some photos from it too!  So keep coming back!

Until the next model of Nokia N Series, N98? hahaha….

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