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Flight to Luxor, Egypt

Flight to Luxor, Egypt


When I was a kid, we had weekly Bible Study and often read about the rich history of Egypt.  There were stories that I still remember; like when Moses performed a miracle that turned his stick into a Snake, and when Joseph the 11th son of Jacob was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, but eventually became the most powerful man in Egypt next to the Pharaoh. 

I was not enthusiastic about Egypt at that time; for me it was something that I had to learn as a task, or I was grounded by the Parents.  But I have changed, and the fascination began when I started traveling and working in Iraq. In the Bible and thousands of years ago, Iraq was called Babylon, and considered the cradle of mankind.  As my interest grew, I made a list of places that I want to see, and Egypt was definitely one of them.

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