Dallas, Texas – My Travel and Rants

It’s 11PM and I just finished watching a bootlegged DVD copy of Crazy Heart but still I can’t sleep, something tells me to write this travel of mine in Dallas few months ago.  I know, I know, I am always late with my travel journal, but what can I do when I’m working 12 hours a day, non-stop for four months?  I made a promise this month that I’m going to write more of my travel stories that are way past due, some months ago and some were even two years ago like my NASA tour.  Probably you may have noticed that I was keeping my promise.  Doin’ good eh?

Anyway, going to Dallas was a pain, four airports to stop by – Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, London before the Country of Texas (I meant US of A).  I have to bear that pain before I see Dallas and watch the Dallas Mavericks game at the American Airlines Center.  Hey, not to mention almost miss a flight of American Airlines.

It was December 23, 2009 when my best friend and I arrived in DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Airport, after cruising’ the immigration easily I proceeded to the baggage claim area and found out that my luggage was missing.  Isn’t that great?  After four airports, you’ll find out your luggage was missing?  I was having a great time, woohoo!!!  So, I gave my hotel information so they can deliver my luggage.  Then my friend and I went out to the arrival area where US troops were greeted by their love ones and met my friend’s family (Wife and kids were very warm and nice), then I took a taxi (cost me about $50 from DFW to Stoneleigh Hotel) with just my backpack – with my Mac, the new laptop I got for Christmas, my point-and-shoot camera and my two cell phones.  But get this, none of my chargers were in my backpack, they were in my luggage.  Tell me if I am not having a great time yet.  So I told the Taxi driver to stop at the convenience store so I can get a Nokia charger.  I got one for $10 and when I reached the hotel, the stupid charger didn’t work.  Can I bitch now or will I have to go on?

Did I mention that I didn’t have spare undies, socks, shirts and pants not even a toothbrush?  Everything was inside my luggage.  Next day was Christmas Eve and I was lucky enough that GAP store was open and they were having a sale (my favorite word – SALE).  Alright, I bought some new undies, socks, shirts and even sweatshirts – after getting those stuff and I was heading out to the hotel, it started to rain and turned to snow.  I had to go back to GAP and got one umbrella – the most expensive umbrella I ever bought. Then I saw one Phone shop near GAP and I bought my all in one charger which cost me a whopping $170/-.  The charger can charge multiple brands of cell phones and notebooks – except my Macbook.  The salesmen were very nice, so I had a picture with them (see my photo gallery below).  One is from Pakistan and a local.

The place where I bought my stuff was at the West End Village and it’s only a few minutes away drive from the Stoneleigh Hotel where I stayed.   

Is the travel to Dallas worth it?  Nope, if I will only think that I just stayed there for only six days – but if I will think that I met new friends who welcomed me like I am one of the family; I will do it over and over again.  I met my best friend’s family and it was a wonderful feeling, although I missed their Christmas Eve dinner for being so stubborn and for not having my good clothes to wear which by the way it was still in my luggage (I claimed my luggage at the DFW the day after Christmas).  The chicken dumpling of Arlene (Friend’s Mom) was very good, and the Pumpkin pie of Linda (Friend’s younger Sis) was to die for.  I should’ve taken two slices hahaha….

Okay, enough of my rants and let’s have the photos from my cell phone.  My DSLR was in my luggage too.  Can I scream now???

This will not be the last time I will blog about my Dallas trip, I will blog about my NBA game experience, tour in Fort Worth Stockyard, the Stoneleigh Hotel and Zyke’s Restaurant in Fort Worth. 


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