Dine Out Singapore 2008 – Mongkok Dim Sum Restaurant


Feb 5, 2008 – After resting for a while in my hotel room, I went out to have dinner.  I already planned to eat some authentic Singaporean food (almost the same as Chinese cuisine) and after few minutes of searching through the road of Geylang (which is by the way a Red Light District in Singapore and was informed by the Airport Information Clerk) I found Mongkok Dim Sum Restaurant.  Just FYI, every corner of Geylang Road are restaurants with tables and chairs near the street.  The air is not polluted like Manila so you can rest and eat near the street.

Here’s what I had that night.         singapore_mongkok_4.JPG

Special Seafood Dim Sum 


Shark’s Fins Soup with Dim Sum 


Stir Fried Seafood Kway Teow 

Here are some more pictures.



Mongkok Dim Sum Restaurant is located at Lor 8 Geylang Road, Singapore.  You can call them at this phone number 6841-5133 but I must warn you before you call them, some can’t speak English.  Their business hours are 4PM to 5AM from Monday to Friday and 10AM to 5AM from Saturday to Sundays including holidays.

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