Dinner with a Belly Dancer

Ever ski an Everest of sand?  As we continued our adventure, we are at the top of the highest sand dune and all you can see for miles is more sand!  Our guide/driver has set up SAND SKIING!  This looks to be a hoot!  Our caravan of Land Cruisers has stopped and there are maybe 20 of us all set for a new downhill experience. The guides are waxing snow boards, snow disks, and surfboards in preparation for our downhill sand skiing experience. Everyone wants to try something different, and my friend and i try the snowboard. Neither of us had ever been on a snowboard, but what the heck, you can only fall into a mound of sand, so we went for it!  My friend tried standing up and got about half way down before his “wipe out” becoming a hurtling sand ball to the bottom, but no harm done, other than looking now like a TRUE Bedouin fresh in from the desert !  hahaha  I decided to be a little more cautious, and SAT on the snowboard, but to my surprise, i was able to ride this way all the way to the bottom and never crashed.. Score one for Filipino balance! 🙂  Woohoo!

(Used the snow board to climb up, darn that was really a work out)

After several trips down the mountain, we decided to watch the sunset from this wonderful perch. SPECTACULAR is all i can say. The dust provides sunsets with unbelievable reds and oranges that you just will never experience anywhere else on earth. As the glow started to fade, we load up again and head out down the dunes to our next stop, tunes still jammin’!  We stop at a true Bedouin oasis in the middle of all this sand, and there are camels EVERYWHERE!  Maybe 100 of them in this camel farm we are told. We are told we can get pretty close, but just don’t go all the way into the camp, as the owner says it scares the heard. We sit and watch as several of the babies feed and rest, as some of the others kneel and lay out or take a “sand bath” in the setting sun.  Next stop……… DINNER!

(Lew, enjoying his Filafil and hot tea)

We are starving after the ride and adventures, and are taken to a desert oasis complete with tents, an authentic Arab buffet, and a HUGE stage covered in beautiful Persian carpets.  As dinner starts, the lights dim and out runs a traditional Tanura dancer that twirls so much even I am dizzy!  How they do that without falling down in a drunker stupor is beyond me, but I am told that they are trained for this from maybe 5 years old, so guess they build up a tolerance to the spinning. As a result, I’m sure HE would NOT require the “barf” bag on the dunes ride! Hahhaha.  Amazing dancing and the costume has its own lighting that makes him appear as a lighted, blinking top as he spins. Then a genuine belly dancer complete with many colored veils, bells, jewel in the navel and enough bracelets and anklets to add I’m sure an extra 10 pounds to her whirling. Probably the ballast that brings her back down after the leaps and jumps through the air! Anyway, pretty amazing to say the least.

(The Bedouin Twins, Abu Krabi and Abu Trent)

After the dinner and water pipe smoking (if you wish, I don’t, but fun to watch) we load back up and head to our starting point, the little grocery store where now a few merchants meet us as we unload, and they quickly hustle us into their shops. YES, this is the part of these “tours” that everyone hates. The high pressure sales tactics……..  HOWEVER, these guys are genuinely funny, joking and trying to keep the real “business” out of the equation. My buddy and I are having fun trying on the traditional “rags” on our heads, and the guys come over to help us tie them correctly, and to also show us how the other “garb” is worn. My friend has been in the Middle East for over 10 years and said he had always wanted to see what he looked like in the long white “man dresses” that are so traditional over here, so what the heck, they help him put on one, and voilà he is instantly a Bedouin sheik; with all but the white tennis shoes! 🙂  Yes we take MANY pictures and he is convinced he MUST have one of these for future Halloween parties, so he makes the purchase, everyone is laughing, and the night ends on a fun and happy note. We load up the final time, and are whisked off to our hotel, now that the tires have been refilled for use on the bustling streets of Dubai. In all, a wonderful afternoon and evening and something I would definitely recommend to any travelers who happen to have an afternoon/evening free in Dubai.

Here are some of the photos that day.

(Rock on! A successful sand boarding)

(Oh my, who is Photographer on bare feet?)

(Camel and the moon)

(Sand Bathing)

(Guess what are these?)


(I’m not that hungry, just starving )

(Prince Lewis of Arabia, he deserves it huh?)

(A Tanura Dancer)

(Tanura Dancing in disco lights?)

(A Prince in the making hahaha)

(Coconut? You must be nuts) haha

So long travelers….

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