Eagerly waiting for my MacBook

macbook.JPGLast week, I’ve finally decided to buy a Macbook to replace my Dell Inspiron 1500 (my 2nd laptop).  It took me at least 2 years to decide and finally I have decided to switch to Mac World.   

I was kind of hesitant about the idea of buying the Mac but my buying impulsiveness won over.  I bought it through JR.com and it costs me $1,479.99, its $20 cheaper than when you buy through Apple.com – but the shipping is a bit expensive, it costs me almost $40.  So, to lessen the expenses, I used my affiliate link so I got a 5% discount.  It’s a good deal, don’t you think so?


Earlier, I mentioned that I was hesitant about buying a Mac and not just about the money (which I can buy 2 laptops with that price).  It’s about the softwares that I am going to use with this system.  I mean they are very expensive, compare to Windows Operating System you can use pirated / bootlegged softwares that are very cheap though their illegal.  Oops!  I didn’t mean to brag about it.

 Anyway, let see what Mac future brings to my world of computing.  Will I switch back to a regular laptop or stay with Mac and be happy about it?

Next time I’m going to post the Advantages and disadvantages of using a Mac. 


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