Eve of Eid Al-Adha in Kuwait

Dec. 28, 2006:  My friends and I were on our way to Kuwait City to visit some friends. While at the back seat of a car and having my Canon EOS 30D Camera hanging on my neck, I saw this breath taking view of a sunset and took a couple of shots while the car is running.  Of all the shots I took, I chose this one to show everybody. This is my first sunset shot and I appreciate if you critique it.  thanks…… Equipment:  Camera: Canon EOS 30D, Lens: EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM.

Update:  This photo has been used by different websites and an organization  used it as a calendar image.

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I'm not a Professional writer nor did I study Journalism or Literature, but I love sharing my travel experiences and advise other travelers who have not seen what I have. I've been blogging since 2007 and traveled to a lot of places and I love it and will continue doing it until the time that I can't walk anymore.


  • Nakanakanakanakanaaax!!! Parang Pro ang datine a! Ganyan ata talaga pag meron kang “TechToys”… hehehe… pwede din siguro ako magpost dito no? Keep it up bro! Konting tulog na lang Pro ka na!

  • This picture made the day of the soon to be pro pothographer sitting behind me in the car. He never stopped clicking his camera for best angle until this picture came out.

    By professional or not this picture turned really great.

    Congratulations! I’m glad you discovered the area where you are interested. Keep it up.

  • wala akong alam sa mga klase ng cameras but yours must be very nice and surely expensive kasi yong eve of eid al-adha shot was really great! imagine tumatakbo pa yata yong car nyo when you shot it! grabe! as in! wala ako masabi, ang ganda louie!

    everyone has its own skills and talent pero ika nga eh kung san ka masaya don ka di ba? i guess this must be really your craft and who knows through it you’ll be able to see and meet the portray of your heart. naks! todo na to! hahaha! but kidding aside dagdag pogi points yong may nakasabit na mamahaling camera sa leeg mo, hahaha! kidding pa din!

    well, hats off to you my friend. no doubt you’re going to excel in it coz you’re one persevering person, i know that coz you actually gone far beyond now. keep it up and you have my support all the way…. God bless….

  • Wow, how nice of you naman to say those things…. I’m about to cry na, hahaha.

    Sana I can be a Pro-tographer someday, but has to learn more about digital photography.

    again thanx for the message and keep in touch my friend. 🙂

  • well, what can say to my friend…it all started with a panasonic slim camera 7 mepapix back in basrah…and now here u are with your Canon EOS 30D…i will not be surprise if one day you will have your photo exhibit…kudos my friend!!!

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