Flying with Turkish Airlines: Dubai to Istanbul

Caption: In flight Menu (Food sucks!)


June 04, 2009, 7:45AM Dubai time (writing this article while I’m on board the plane) talks about boredom. Lol


Turkish Airlines flight TK1165 just took off from Dubai International Airport to Istanbul Airport en route to Republic of Georgia.  It will take 3 hours, 32 minutes, and 11 seconds and 3,006 km to reach Istanbul airport.  This is the second time I flew with Turkish Airlines and the first one was kind of not in a pleasant way (click here to read previous article). I find Turkish people at the Istanbul Airport very rude, I am hoping this time it will be different and so far the Flight attendants are very nice.  I found that some ( I said some, coz I only met some) of the Turkish people I have met during my layover in Istanbul last year were very rude but I guess where ever you go you will bump in to one or many.


Caption: Flight attendant safety instruction (she is pretty though 🙂 )


I was sent by the company for the second time to work in Republic of Georgia for two weeks.  I love traveling but this time I am neither excited nor enthusiastic about it.  It’s just that I am not fond of traveling alone anymore.  It’s not fun anymore (Paging my travel partner 🙂 Yoo-hoo!


Well, I have three and a half hours to spend, so I think this is the right time to blog about this trip since three out of the four in flight English movies are all in Turkish and only one is in English which is unfortunately have seen it.  Darn!!!


Before I boarded this flight, I was at the Turkish Airlines check-in counter.  I thought I lost my ID card which is my gateway to escort me pass through the Georgian immigration without a Georgian Visa.  I forgot that I removed it last night from my wallet and kept it at the back of my hand carry bag.  I cannot find it and I was in a panic.  Why in a panic?  Well I will lose my job if I cannot find my ID, who would support me?  Nada!!! So, I had to take back my luggage from the check-in counter to search for my ID.  The luggage was already wrapped in cellophane and paid UAE Dirham’s 15.00 (US$4.00).  I ripped the cellophane off the bag and found no ID.  That was the time I remembered that I put my ID in my hand carry bag.  As soon as I found my ID, I went back to have my luggage wrapped again and luckily I still have few dirhams’ left. Talk about almost missing the flight, lack of sleep, lack of travel money and almost lost my job because of that freaking ID.  But, here I am now typing this short story on a plane going to Istanbul.  All is well. 🙂


Caption: flight map


Let’s see later today if my flight from Istanbul to Republic of Georgia will be a pleasant one.


Here are some of the photos:


Caption: Aerial view of Istanbul, Turkey



Caption: The blogger at the Istanbul Airport


Caption: The blogger with cheese cake and a latte’ courtesy of a colleague.


So to all my fellow readers and especially to my avid reader Lew, just keep in touch and you’ll hear a lot about my travel.


Later all….

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  • Louie,

    Believe na ako sa pag adventurer mo? ha..ha..ha.. buti na lang nakita mo ang ID mo. Ikaw na ba yan you loss some weight huh but you looked great though 🙂

  • Hi Lu,

    Yes this is me, lost almost 20 lbs. for the past few months. And thank you for saying that I look great hahaha, no one else ever said that hahaha…

    By the way, i visited your website, cool site though.

    Well my friend keep in touch and maybe someday I’ll see you again in Kuwait. We never know. 🙂

    take care…. 🙂

  • hi erick, well I can’t say much about Istanbul since I tried getting a visa upon arrival but they refused to issue one. All I can advise is that apply for your tourist visa in UAE.

    I heard from my best friend that there are lots of to see….

    Goodluck and have a nice trip in Istanbul.

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