Flying with Turkish Airlines: Istanbul to Republic of Georgia

(Caption: Airport security checking before the flight)


June 4, 2009, 3:00PM Republic of Georgia time.  Let’s hope that this flight is a pleasant one.  What I meant with a pleasant one is less turbulence (none is much better), and pleasant flight attendants and it turned out they were and pretty too! hahaha.  Anyway, this is my second time to visit Republic of Georgia for business, the first time was last year of July.


This flight was about two hours and fifteen minutes to reach Tbilisi International Airport. 


Here are some of the photos that I took during and after the flight.


(Caption: Attendants about to serve the meals)


(Caption: This is the meal, not very good)


(Caption: Because of the H1N1, Swine flu need to fill this up)


(Caption: Aerial View of Republic of Georgia before the touch down)



(Caption: Aerial View of Republic of Georgia before the touch down) 



(Caption: Aerial View of Republic of Georgia before the touch down)


(Caption: Just got my luggage from the baggage claim area)

(Caption: okay, I was aiming at the sign and not the old woman 🙂 )

(Caption: The Blogger at the baggage claim area)

(Caption: Airport snapshots)


(Caption: Claiming the money sent through western union, She’s a Georgian 🙂 )


(Caption: Airport arrival area)


 (Caption: The blogger hahaha)

When I reached the Visa section, found out that Filipinos can buy a visa upon arrival that cost 100 Georgian Lari ($70) and it’s good for a year.  But fortunately, I didn’t need a visa to enter the country.  In fact, I don’t even have a stamp in my passport that I entered Republic of Georgia.


Hmmmm… I am Agent XXX7 hahaha


Till then…..

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  • OMG…turkish airlines…di ba may ka-crashed lang ng plane nila. anyway as long as the flight stewardesses got a super model looks…bahala na….hehehhehe
    nice pics mate….

  • Hey Arnulfo, I still have one more flight with Turkish Airlines okay, don’t even say that. hahaha

    Eventually will be using Turkish Airlines, frequently. You know what I mean hahaha

  • hi mrloo..
    hope to know you ..have something to ask about your itinerary you get to georgia?

  • hiii
    i took that flight, and the salad in the meal you pictured (Caption: This is the meal, not very good) was deeelicious 😀
    any idea what it is? i really really really wanna know 🙂

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