How I Got My South Korea Tourist Visa in Dallas, Texas, USA?

I also asked myself how I did that.  I was surprised as well.  As I am not a resident of United States of America, I took a chance to apply for a tourist visa at the South Korea Consulate in Dallas, Texas and fortunately I was provided a single entry which is valid for 90 days.

The documents that the consul will request will vary on each individual, and here are the documents that was requested from me when I called them when I was still in Kabul, Afhanistan:

– Application form that you can download from this link

– one photo

– Letter from my company that shows I’m employed

– Employment contract that shows my salary

– Proof of salary payment, I provided the Wire Transfer Copies from my company to my bank account

– A PDF copy of my Bank Statement since I could not provide an official bank statement from the bank as I am out of my home country

– 6 months worth of my Credit Card Statement

– Hotel reservation in South Korea

– Airline ticket

I think that is all I have provided.

I’ll post some of my travel adventures and photos here as soon as I return to Philippines.

In the meantime, you can post any questions and I’ll be happy to respond on any of those as long as I have the answers.

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