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Less than a month from now, me and my best friend will be in Kathmandu, Nepal for a Trekking holiday.  We’ll then fly into Lukla and pass through Namche Bazaar.  This trekking holiday will be my first and I wonder if I can really do this.  But hey, what is life without adventure once in a while right?  You may ask why Nepal?  Well, we thought about Mt. Everest and it might be interesting to trek around it and to experience being near the world’s highest mountain.  And, not everyone can experience this kind of holiday.

We found a tour company online ( who are trekking specialists that offers a tour in Nepal and after the back and forth e-mails, we chose the private tour with a guide or a human porter and accompanied by a Yak to carry our luggage.  Sounds cool huh?  I guess so too.  Well, we haven’t paid yet but in order for the tour company to accept our payment, our application form should be accompanied by a Travel Insurance that should have a Helicopter Transportation Service in the Insurance Policy or else the travel company will not let us book the tour.

I have never bought travel insurance all my life, and this is the first.  I never thought that this would be so easy.  We found an online website (  Once you open the site, choose your country of residence, cover region, policy start date and duration.  See below image.  This travel insurance will cost you US$74/-.

Here are the benefits for availing a US$74/- worth of a travel insurance:

– Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses – USD $5,000,000

– Hospitalization or treatment by a doctor or specialist 100% of expenses

– Prescribed medicines by a doctor or specialist 100% of expenses

– Pain relieving dental treatment – $300

– Counseling after an assault or mugging – $250

– Daily emergency cash allowance in hospital – $2,000 ($50 per day) 

– Physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment – Not included 

– Treatment by acupuncturist or osteopath – Not included 

– 100+ Adventure sports and activities – Standard sports & activities 

– Study, work & volunteer – Standard sports & activities 

– 24 hour Emergency Assistance – Unlimited 

– Emergency Medical Transport, Evacuation, Repatriation & Travel Expenses – USD $500,000 

– Medical evacuation or repatriation home – Included

– Ambulance transport – Included

 – Non-medical evacuation – Included 

– Personal support and accompaniment – $5,000, ($250/day)

 – Compassionate emergency repatriation – Included

 – Accidental death – repatriation of remains – $15,000

 – Pre-Trip Cancellation – USD $5,000

 – Trip Interruption – USD $3,500

 – Travel provider insolvency – Included

 – Home visit – One visit included

 – Resumption of Trip – USD $1,500

 – Travel Delay – USD $500

 – Missed Flight Connection – Not included

 – Hijacking – Not included

 – Special Event Cover – Not included

 – Baggage & Personal Items – USD $2,500

 – Theft of baggage – Included

 – Loss or damage by fire or natural disaster – Included

 – Loss or damage to checked in baggage – Included

 – Delayed baggage – $450, ($150/24hrs up to 3 days)

 – Theft of cash – Not included

 – Theft or damage to sporting equipment – Not included

 – Passport & Travel Documents – USD $500

 – Rental Vehicle – Insurance Excess – Not included

 – Personal Accident – Not included

 – Accidental death, loss of eye(s), limb(s), permanent total disablement – Not included

 – Student loan and credit repayment – Not included

 Personal Liability – Physical Injury or Property Damage – USD $1,000,000

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  • So true and thanks for the info. I have never had travel insurance before so this was helpful and would like to know more about Nepal. I hope you will post more into about the trip after you get back.

  • Insurance is a way, where we can take help to prevent risks. Thank you for providing loads of information on online travel insurance. It is an easy method to buy insurance online without standing in a large queue. But can we completely trust an insurance that is purchased online?

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