How to save Taxi Fare from Suvarnabhumi Airport?


Do you want to save money on your taxi fare when you arrive at the Suvarnabhumi (pronounced as sùwannáp?m) Airport in Thailand?  I guess you do.


The average amount an Airport Taxi charge from the airport to Bangkok is from THB 1,200 to THB 1,500.  To avoid this ridiculous amount and save money, go to the 4th floor of the airport which is the Departure area and hail a taxi.  The taxi drivers always negotiate with a fixed rate around THB 500 but you always have the option to get a metered taxi which is the cheapest.  Just tell them you want a metered taxi.  Once you are in the Taxi, the driver will ask you if you want to go on a free way and avoid the traffic, but you have to pay the toll fee of about THB 65.  If you’re in a hurry, get that option but if not then enjoy the traffic and you can save few baht.




The last time I was there going to Bangkok, the taxi meter was only THB 241 + Toll gate fees of THB 65 = THB 306 (US$9.00).  I saved more than a thousand Baht which I can use for my Thai authentic massage. J 


Happy trip!


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  • A NOTE:

    Be sure if you get a “meter” taxi that the driver actually STARTS the meter when you take off. They are notorious for “forgetting” so then you have no idea of what they will charge you when you get to your destination..

  • yes mercat a Thai “special” massage.

    Yup, the INTENTIONALLY forget to start the meter so you’ll pay them an agreed price. Always ask to start the meter or even before you get in to the taxi.

    Take it from mercat, he’s a frequent visitor of Thailand. How many? 16 times? darn….. I was only there 4 times but this coming New Year will be the 5th one. woohoo….

  • This is really great information be sure that if you get a taxi driver you have to see carefully the meter reading and then takeoff Thanks for sharing this blog Have a great day.

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