“I Have Fallen In Love With The Same Woman Three Times”

You may be wondering about the title. It is a poem written by the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino for his wife former Pres. Corazon “Cory” Aquino who passed away yesterday, August 1, 2009 from a Colon Cancer.  In my own little way I want to give tribute to the first woman President of the Republic of Philippines.

The poem is about the love of Ninoy for Cory in three stages.  The first time was when she was young, the second time was when she bore their first child and the third one was when he was in prison and Cory became the soul of their strength.

It was 1973 when Senator Ninoy was incarcerated at Fort Bonifacio and it was their 19th wedding anniversary. From his prison cell, Senator Ninoy Aquino wrote a beautiful loving tribute to Cory. That he has fallen in love with the same woman three times.  Ninoy was assassinated in 1983 at the formerly known Manila International Airport (MIA) Tarmac and that same airport was renamed Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Then in 1987 the Ninoy Aquino movement headed at that time by Cecile Guidote-Alvarez commissioned Jose Mari Chan if he could set the poem to music.

“I Have Fallen In Love With Same The Woman Thrice” is the final title of the poem after it was turned into a song.

Lyrics and a music video after the jump.

I Have Fallen In Love With the Same Woman Thrice

Sung by: Jose Marie Chan

Lyrics by: Benigno “Ninoy” Servillano Aquino, Jr.

Album: Constant Change

Released Year: 1989



I have fallen in love

With the same woman three times;

In a day spanning 19 years

Of tearful joys and joyful tears.


I loved her first when she was young,

enchanting and vibrant, eternally new.

She was brilliant, fragrant,

and cool as the morning dew.


I fell in love with her the second time;

When first she bore her child and mine

always by my side, the source of my strength,

helping to turn the tide.


But there were candles to burn

the world was my concern;

while our home was her domain,

and the people were mine

while the children were hers to maintain;


So it was in those eighteen years and a day,

till I was detained; forced in prison to stay.


Suddenly she’s our sole support;

source of comfort,

our wellspring of Hope,

on her shoulders felt the burden of Life.


I fell in love again,

with the same woman the third time.

Looming from the battle,

her courage will never fade.


Amidst the hardships she has remained,

undaunted and unafraid.

She is calm and composed,

she is God’s lovely maid.

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  • i love it and i know because thoughts from this lyrics are came from a true philippine leader who has a true hearth for his country and people.

    A true president, a true leader with pure concern not for his own profit but for his own country and filipinos.

  • I already had this album since early 90’s and actually fell in love with this song including the significance of this song. And now, this is very timely of the death of Cory – I am so touched. Can feel the pure love and dedication of Ninoy to his lovely wife.

  • Very touching. I wish there could be another Ninoy and Cory loves story in our times. Thanks for reminding us that we have an unconditional LOVE.

  • the song really touches my soul, especially that my mother is a cancer survivor too. i wish that this song be rearranged into todays genre for the younger generation to appreciate the true meaning of this song.

  • It’s not everyday in our lives we get to have a leader like that. Cory and Ninoy were determined to have a family together that eventually grew. The entire Filipino nation was indeed part of the family that they once nurtured. I hope in the years to come this will be instilled in the minds of our new generation. It’s great to know that at some point two people marked a remarkable moment in our lives, who made us all part of their family. Who trully fought for our freedom. Long lived Cory, long lived Ninoy…

  • i wish all philippine goverment officials will only fall in love to their wives many times…so corruption will be lessen…more baggages/activities means more money spendings.

  • The life (and love story) of Corazon Aquino and Benigno Aquino Jr. is poignant, moving and triumphant. A woman like Corazon Aquino who epitomizes strength and dedication, determination and faith will transcend generations. She is Ninoy Aquino’s perfect match in terms of doing what is best and what is right for the country.

    This song does speak of a relationship that is pure and true- a love story between a man who only has his eyes for one woman and a woman whose courage and devotion to her man remains unbroken amidst all circumstances and trials. Most of all it is the one song that was genuinely written by a brilliant mind.

  • this song was so touching. i can feel the great love of ninoy to cory.
    their love was pure i must say.may they find happy and continue loving each other in the other world. we will miss the people who gives back our freedom. mabuhay tayong mga pinoy!

  • just dropping to say “i appreciate the lyrics, not only because it was dedicated to Pres. Cory Aquino,( written by the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino), but also because it was sung by our very own, Jose Marie Chan”…Pres. Cory is a chosen one as a sample of great leader. Mabuhay!!! Mabuhay ang sambayanang Pilipino

  • napakaganda ng awitin. kaya nga keep ko album ni jomari mula pa noon dail so nice, nakakaiyak at nakakainggit ang lyrics ng song. salamat NINOY, salamat President Cory.
    it so nice to be a filipino dail sa inyo.

  • iam just a 4th year student, iam truly inspired not only on this song but to our former President Corazon Aquino,sa kanyang sacrifices for our country and for winning democracy for all of us.you are my idol,and i very proud for we have someone like you,and like you proud po akong maging isang pilipino.i wanna be like you someday.thank you for the freedom and we will never forget you.we love u.

  • A truly inspiring self explenatory song every word describe precisely of Tita Cory’s characteristic, her strength, her love and devotion. On the other hand Sen. Ninoy is a great poet, a time leader and an honest person in such many ways.
    Long live Ninoy and Cory!
    We will miss you.

  • this song is very remarkcable and meaningfull to each one of us because it will reminds us that every people in the earth must have a love that never faid ,specially to our mothers,wife,autie’s,lola. it will makes me meaningfull again coz there is a one real filipino woman that love’s us all not for just her family but for the intire nation . so from now own MRS. MADAAM CORY AQUINO para sa aming lahat maraming maraming salamat po sa ibinigay mong kahalagahan sa buhay at sa bansa natin ikaw talaga ang tunay na ina ng bayan natin again thank you very for everthing i know lord will give the best and for everyone……………….WE LOVE YOU MADAAM CORY AQUINO. FROM THE BUTOOM OF OUR HEARTS IKAW ANG TUNAY NA INA AT BAYANI NG KASAYSAYAN.

  • it’s somehow shows how a man love her woman purely, and how he appreciate all the thing that woman did for him

  • ang ganda talaga ng song mas maganda sana kung gagawin ito ng manga pilipino sa sarili nilang bayan kelan pa tayo magiisip pag wala ang mga taong importante satin pag huli na ang lahat !!!

  • the most heartwarming and most truthful poem i have ever read… made me admire and idolize Ninoy Aquino more…and made me feel that true love knows no boundaries…and true love can transcend from life to death…but this poem also sends me the wrong signal ( i now have higher standards for men )…of course not every man is a Ninoy Aquino, but i hope there is someone out there… 🙂

  • A very touching poem. Kung lahat sana ng mag-asawa, ganito ang pagtitinginan sa isa’t-isa…malamang walang hiwalayan, pangangaliwa, anak sa labas, etc.


  • the story of this was actually made when he was in prison
    and while he was there
    he was realizing how his wife (cory Aquino) was doing while he was gone
    that is why
    he dedicated this poem for her ….
    this poem was actually unkonown
    but after his death (Ninoy Aquino the husband and the author)
    that is the time the poem as found and published the poem into a song
    then that is the time it spreaded and made famous n the Philippines and even made an album in the 90’s

    but this year the late president Cory Aquino (the wife of Ninoy the author) died because of colon cancer this month only !!!

    she really has the magic of alluring Filipinos to loving her

    she is the only president who did not show any corruption in the philippines that is why her funeral reached to 30,000 or more people who visited it and 13 hours of procession just to show the people who loved her that she is inside the casket ready to go to the national memorial park

    and there has been a rumor of making her a Philippine hero !!!

  • I am just a 1st year high school student. I was inspired by that poem written by our former senator, Benigno “Ninoy” Servillano Aquino Jr., it makes me realize that there is a true love… A love that can survive beyond the challenges of life…

  • I have heard this song since i was still in my elementary years when my older brother bought the album from Jose Mari Chan.. all the songs in the album were really very lovely, pleasant to listen and that includes this song. I wasn’t aware that this song was personally written by our late great Benigno Aquino until two decades past, just during this time, on Cory’s death. And for me, that song becomes more impressive… and all i have said was WOW!!!… i really like that song. And now, i have it in my personal cd since it was in a cassette tape yet before….

  • This is my first time to hear this song and its lyrics and it amazed me. I read this song in the newspaper and I’m wondering what was really the content of the song that many people like it and when i see it for myself I am really amazed to be able to read this. I hope all men are like Ninoy who gives importance to their wives.

  • im 11 maka-Cory pag naririnig ko po ito naiiyak po ako at kapag naiisip ko si tita cory naiiyak po ako. ate kris kung nabuksan nyo po ito sana may naalala po kayong batang babae na nagbigay ng sulat ako po yung nagpapabigay. tita cory kung nasaan po kayo sana po masaya kayo ni sen. ninoy

  • very inspiring..
    it reminds the memory of my father..
    i hope president cory and ninoy met my father in HEAVEN..

  • i was so touched by ninoy’s greatest love to pres. cory, i want to say all those words to my future wife, this was so lovely and so touching love story which may filipinos worth living for.

  • …as i have heard this song,i feel so admired and touched.i remember my father,coz i know gnun dn xa for my mother.i just hope that all men are like “ninoy”…very loving to someone he loved.CRISTA20

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