Jollibee Opening Soon In Dubai Mall

A friend of mine who works as part of a service crew in the Food Court of Dubai Mall, informed me that Jollibee will be opening April 3, 2015.  Anticipating a line of at least 1 kilometer line of Filipino customers, lo and behold the facade was still covered with an “Opening Soon” Sign board.


I was a bit disappointed that the number 1 Fast Food Chain in The Philippines hasn’t open yet.  I’ve been craving for their “Chicken Joy”, it has been more than a month since I left home for a lengthy vacation in Vietnam and Dubai.  My taste buds were salivating for a familiar taste from home.

Hopefully, it’s the same taste of the food that we grew to love.

For everyone’s information, this is not the first Jollibee Restaurant to be opened in Dubai, in fact there were few (Satwa, Karama, Dubai Marina, etc).  But all those were not the “Real” or “Authentic” Jollibee that Filipino grew to love back home.  Those “Fake” Jollibee Restaurants were utilizing the logo and menu of the real Jollibee.  And according to some of my friends that reside in Satwa and Karama, the Jollibee’s in that area were already taken down.  I’m sure that they were given a memorandum or some sort of a letter by the UAE Gov’t to close those restaurant.  I have no idea if the store in Dubai Marina is still operational or taken down as well.  I may have to check this week and find out.

According to GMA News Website.  In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Jollibee said wholly-owned subsidiary Golden Plate Pte. Ltd. (GPPL) signed a joint venture agreement with Golden Crown Foods LLC (GCFL) to establish a company that will own and operate Jollibee stores in the Emirates.


It was crowded at the Food Court, as it was a Friday when I took this photo.


The new Jollibee will be between Mercurries and KFC

The new Jollibee in Dubai Mall will be located at the Food Court, 2nd Floor near the Reel Cinemas.  It will be between Mercurries and KFC.

I will update this blog entry as soon as there’s an information of the actual date of the opening.

Latest update: I went to Dubai Mall last April 11 and check to see if Jollibee has opened. Well, not yet.


Note:  Should incorrect information or corrections be noted, please leave a message in the comments section below and I will strive to correct them.

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