Robin Williams, Kid Rock, Miss USA, Lance Armstrong Visit to Afghanistan During the Christmas Season

Oh my, I’m so freaking excited!  Robin Williams who played “Mrs. Doubtfire” will be visiting our Afghanistan camp (I won’t disclose the exact place for security reason)  tonight.  He will be joined by the rockstar Kid Rock, Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith, comedian Lewis Black (I wish it’s Jack Black of the School of Rock & Roll flick) and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

The visit will be one of the seven-country tour thanking the deployed U.S. troops for their sacrifice and service.

Yeepee!  Can’t wait ’til tonight. 🙂

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  • Hey! Wee, you didn’t have a chance for a photo souvenir with Williams. Oh boy that’s too bad.hehehe!

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