Kilroy’s of Kathmandu Restaurant & Bar, Nepal

I thought of getting a Sim card before we fly in to Lukla Airport and start our Trekking Trip to the Khumbu Region.  The trek is about 8 days so I don’t know if I can last without calling home and checking my emails.  And for safety measure, it is advisable to have a working cell phone just in case you get into some kind of trouble while trekking.  With the Sim Card, I was hoping that it has a data package so I can use my Samsung Galaxy Tab while trekking and can access the internet.  Since this trip happened back in October 2011, I can’t remember if I had a data package or not.  Oh well.

While roaming around Tamil, we asked a local guy and hoping that if he can point us the direction on where I can buy a Sim card.  He didn’t just point out the direction, he went with us.  At first I was hesitant that he started walking with us and was irritating me for being a little bit pushy.  But, I was wrong.  He was just helpful.  I was giving him a tip but he declined.  Hey, nowadays it is hard to trust strangers, especially when you are a tourist.  I’d rather doubt a person rather than to be found in an alley, breathless!

It was almost lunch so we decided to find a restaurant.  The local guy suggested Kilroy’s Restaurant which is owned by a European guy, so we tried it.  The food was not bad at all.  I ordered Chicken Tandoori and Shrimp with Java rice and an Ice cold Nepal Ice Beer.  After lunch, he offered to take us around but we declined.  Like our previous travels, we want it to be spontaneous.  We don’t want to be tied with a travel guide or with someone.  At the end of the day, we always find our way; we always end up where we want to go.

Our next stop is the Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square but in the meantime here are the photos of Kilroy’s of Kathmandu Restaurant & Bar.

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