Klosters: The Rich, the Famous and More Importantly the Powder

Visitors to the Swiss resort of Klosters sometimes read like a who’s who of the rich, famous and royal. With Prince Harry, George Osborne and many others all flocking to the region on ski holidays to Switzerland the resort has a certain appeal, especially if you are looking to rub shoulders with the well-known and fabulous.

There are several reasons for this concentration of stardom; Klosters boasts an immense amount of challenging and varied off-piste terrain, allowing you to push your skiing abilities to the max. As well as off-piste skiing you have a huge terrain to explore, with some 200 miles of pistes on Parsenn and another three further mountains to navigate in the Davos and Klosters area. As well as amazing skiing the region also boasts stunning scenery – with Alpine views and quaint villages throughout the resort.

Although the resort is amazing Switzerland is not as popular as many other skiing destinations, which ultimately means you get more of the slopes to yourself. In fact more than 400,000 British skiers go to France, while 250,000 opt for Austria and 150,000 visit Italy. In total only around 75,000 Britons ski in the Switzerland each year.

Klosters is one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland, and with so many famous fans you have the chance to not only ski, but to potentially rub shoulders glitterati from around the world.  With amazing food, great après ski, famous faces and great powder – you can’t do any better than Klosters!

Photo courtesy of www.telegraph.co.uk

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