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(This post was created on April 25, 2009 in a plane en route to Dubai, UAE).  Two nights ago I was watching the movie Marley & Me which is a movie about a young married couple who got themselves a Labrador to prepare for the responsibilities of parenthood.  Marley the dog, is terrified of thunderstorms and fond of chewing everything.  Why Marley??? Go buy the DVD to find out.  Oops!!! Just kidding. 🙂  Ok, Marley was taken from Bob Marley.

The film stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson and of course Marley the Dog (I bet that is not the dog’s real name).

You may wonder why I am blogging about this movie where my reader knows my blog is mainly about my travel, photography, restaurants and the countries that I visited.  But sometimes I want to talk about something that really interests and fascinates me, that is to own a Dog.  It’s been a long time since I had a dog or you may say a family dog. 

Our last family dog was Liza (pronounced as Liza Minnelli).  I can’t remember why we called her Liza but all I know she was a very loving dog.  I really don’t know what kind of a dog she was but her color was brown and had a 2 inches tail.  I wish I can post a photo of her but I’m not sure if she had one.

When I left Philippines to work overseas in 1994, Liza was still around.  Then came my first vacation in Philippines after almost 4 years working overseas and when I reached our house, she was at the gate and barking at me.  Probably Liza was wondering who the handsome and hunky stranger that got out of the car and approaching the house.  After few seconds of sniffing me, she finally barked and jumped with joy and her two inches tail was waving repeatedly.  She remembered me.  Hahaha that was very funny and fascinating.

After few years, she passed away while I was in Kuwait.  It was heart breaking but that is life is all about.  All of us will face that reality, but I’m hoping not very soon.  I miss Liza.

Another thing that you might ask is why this blog entry is entitled Krabi & Me?  Krabi is a province in Thailand that I will be visiting in a few days (or probably already did since I am just posting this very late).  If ever I get a dog, I will name the dog Krabi.  It’s a unique name for a dog and it will remind me of the fun and the exciting time that I will have in Krabi, Thailand.

So, my loyal readers I will need your help in choosing what kind of a dog I will get?  I made some choices and here they are:

Boxer or a Pug – Though they don’t look pretty but I personally like this breed.
Pomeranian – a hairy and loving dog which was suggested by a friend of mine. Let’s not mention his name, he might not like it.
Labrador – the dog in Marley & Me the movie.
Siberian husky – I really adore this wolf looking dog.

If you have any suggestions, please drop a comment and let me know what you think.
And also, if you know a Canine breeder in Angeles City, Pampanga please drop a note. 

Thanks….. it’s me, louie

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