LASIK surgery at Asian Eye Institute

It took me years to finally decide and go through LASIK surgery.  I had to consider lots of things before I decided to go through with it.  Like, am I brave enough to have my eyes operated?  What if something goes wrong with the surgery, I’ll be left blind.  Of course I don’t want to be the first blind blogger right?  As if I can still blog if I’m blind hahaha….  The other thing is, can I afford it?  It turned out that I can. J

 So, few weeks before the operation I emailed and even called Asian Eye Institute to schedule my appointment for the screening.  The screening will let you know if you are eligible to go through LASIK.

Two days after I arrived in the Philippines and that was 27th of September 2008, I went to Asian Eye Institute located at Rockwell, Makati and I was accompanied by my Mom and some oldies hehehehe… The oldies are my aunts and a friend of my Mom.  The screening took half a day due to a rigid screening that sent me to at least 10 or more rooms, I lost count of it.  After the screening, I talked to Dr. Robert Dante Ang and he said that I was eligible to have the surgery, he briefed me with what to do on the day of the operation.  He told me to take a bath before the operation but not to wear deodorant and cologne.  Oh boy, if you can only imagine how I was so worried that I will stink inside the operation room.   

I also found after the screening that I have small black dots on both of my eyes.  Dr. Ang said that these are the early stages of Cataract where only 50+ years get.  In my case, it’s too early.  But he said that the dots might stay the size of what they are now are or will get bigger.  His advice is to have them check after 5 years.  Okay fair enough.

To prep me on the actual surgery that was scheduled two days after my screening, I was told that they found Lattice degeneration (don’t ask me what it means because I don’t know neither) in my right eye and was diagnosed to have Myopia with Astigmatism.  Bottom line was Focal retina laser was performed on my right eye so they can perform the actual LASIK Surgery after two days and the preparation cost me an additional P15 thousand (the screening cost P2.400.00).

The day of the surgery

We left Angeles City around 6:30 AM and my surgery was scheduled at 1PM.  The reason why we left early was I need to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Pasay City to renew my passport.  We reached around 9AM and went inside to start the process.  I will post an article about the renewal of passport after this post so keep visiting this site.  So to keep the long story short, I finished the passport renewal around 12:30 PM and went directly to the 10th floor of Asian Eye Institute for the operation.  We reached half hour past 1PM, in short I was late.  But AEI (Asian Eye Institute) staffs were very kind so they didn’t ask why I was late.  They prep me for the operation, put an operation dress, have me sat on a Recliner chair and gave me a half pill of a medicine I guess to sedate me.  A young lady was sitting beside me and found out that she will also go for the operation but with a different procedure.  She said she didn’t pass the screening.  While waiting, I fell asleep and a staff woke me up to take me inside the operating room.  I told my self, “This is it!”  I was kind of nervous but went through it and the pill that they gave me helped to calm me down.  How I wish that I was photographed so I can document it.

The operation went well and it didn’t really hurt that much.  It felt like kagat ng langgam (bitten by an ant).

That is all for now and I hope that this post will help some people who would like to go through LASIK.

If you ask me about the total cost of the surgery, it cost me P100,000.00.

To know more about LASIK Surgery, click this link. 

To know more about their location, click this link.


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  • Wish we could talk more on this. I’m doing lasik in October, need more tips. Man, i need anxiety pills!

  • have you guys heard about the ilasik procedure?
    Precise Eye-Laser Centre is the first here in the philippines that provides 100% blade free procedure when it comes to laser vision correction, visit their web site.

  • I was laughing so hard at the end of the 3rd paragraph, I can imagine what it felt like – being scared about having your eye operated on and nervous about smelling bad after it. I hope you didn’t sweat it out (literally). Besides the hospital has airconditioning, right?

    My eyes probably need to have this procedure done, too. But I still have to save up for it. For now, I’ll just lurk regularly here on your blog and subscribe to your email updates so that I can be in on your latest adventures. 😀

  • I was googling for complications between asian eyes and Lasik, but you didn’t mention anything in your blog. All you said was you were a little scared, didn’t say anything about the tools that are used during the procedure need to be placed inside the eye, and for a lot of asian who has small openings for their eyes there could be complications. I don’t know if you didn’t experience this or not but kind the read was overly unsatisfiying for me.

  • thanks for giving an idea about costing,it really does give me hope,the information is valuable.

  • When you go to AEI, you are in good hands.

    I had my LASIK last year. The “AFTER OPERATION” support matters most for me.

    I cannot forget the concerns and care I got from AEI. You can forget the amount you have paid because the treatment came from people with concern and care and very transparent and vocal to let you know your eye/s condition. They are not after the fees that they will get from patients like us, but the care and treatment our eyes really need, just in time.

    Till my last day on earth, I cannot forget AEI

    – Dr. Bobby Ang, my doctor and all the other doctors and special people (you know it if you are working in AEI) behind the success of my eye operation.

  • You are right Thessa, based on my experience with AEI; they really care about their patients. They really took care of me when I was having the operation, they knew that I was very nervous but they guided me through it. The amount paid to AEI was worth it although it is almost two years now since I visited them and I know it is stupid on my side that I never have I eyes checked after the operation. Fortunately, my eyes are still 20/20 except when I am really tired using the computer all day.

    Bottom line is, I really recommend this Eye Center and Dr. Robert Young is one of the best in the world.

    Thanks for dropping by Thessa, appreciate it if you could be one of my blog subscribers.

  • The recovery took only few days and the operation per eye is about 5 to 10 minutes. I can’t recall the exact time. 🙂

  • A great compliments of those experts who risk their lives for this procedure. A big change for us Filipinos that we strive hard for better academic achievements we had. Moreover, for those who actively exert their efforts to realize this kind of creations in the Philippines.

  • Is there any way to lessen the total cost? i’m hoping to undergo w/ the treatment ASAP but it’s quite expensive think its scary but worth it.

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