Linkshare Affiliate – November ’07 Revenue

affiliate_report1.JPGThe LinkShare affiliate referral program lets bloggers earn revenue from their websites by placing ads on their blog sites. When a visitor responds by buying or registering, blog owners are paid a fee by individual LinkShare network merchants. LinkShare’s program includes such reputable merchant’s as, and J&R. The affiliate program is free to publishers. If I can remember it right, it’s been a year since I joined Linkshare.  I already received four checks with almost $50 in total.  Not bad for a small time blogger like me eh! 

For the month of November, the total revenue is $26.30 and I’m happy about it.  Look at the image below where it shows a report on how many clicks for each merchant.  The clicker end up buying some stuff, so I got a commission. J affiliate_report1.JPG  

As much as I’d like to post my four previous checks from LinkShare, I can’t remember where I kept those but as soon as I receive the latest one I will definitely post it here.  I only hope that Linkshare Affiliate Program don’t have a similar restrictions on broadcasting the revenue amount like Adsense does. 

Speaking of Adsense, just want to say that I’m doing poorly with the revenue.  I’ve never even received my first check nor even the mail that contains a certain number (I forgot what they call it).  As you can see I didn’t put any Adsense advertisement here yet…maybe in the future and for sure I will blog about it.  That’s another story. 

If you click this referral link, not only that I will earn from the referral but it will give you an opportunity to earn too! 

So, what are you waiting for, join LinkShare now!

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