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You may probably ask why am I blogging about the latest iPhone 4 in my travel blog, well who doesn’t since Steve Jobs introduced the latest gadget phone?  Here’s why, iPhone has a lot of applications about traveling, you can search for an address of a restaurant, when you get sick while you’re traveling you can search a doctor near you and call or email directly, or you can even have an application that can translate Tagalog to English.  It’s a must to have.

IPhone 4 can be pre-ordered now and will start shipping on June 24, 2010 in the United States.  iPhone 4 in the Philippines will partner with Globe Telecommunications and have a tentative release date in September. 

I’m calling all the good Samaritans out there who are willing to donate an iPhone 4.  Show me the love.

Here are some of the iPhone Applications that I find useful for traveling.

Filipino (Tagalog) to English Dictionary
Find English translations for Tagalog words and Tagalog translations for English words. Very useful for foreigners who visit the Philippines and need to get around. URL

Mobile Glot Translation Dictionary
A top quality, free, translation dictionary designed for the iPhone. With an easy to use interface, Mobile Glot helps you find the words you are looking for. It will even show the best matching words as you type!  If you are traveling through Europe, studying a new language, or translating a document, Mobile Glot is the web application for you. With an easy to use interface, everything is just a touch away. URL

About WhereTraveler
From sushi in Seattle to hot nightclubs in Miami, we’ve got the inside scoop for travelers in 61 markets around the world. URL

Anyone traveling abroad knows how stressful situations can be when things get out of control. Getting sick while you’re abroad is one of those situations, and if this happen it is good to know that you can count on familiar medical advice.  TravelMD helps you to find doctors in popular travel destinations, allowing you to call the doctor directly, email the doctor, see the doctor location on a map and get driving directions. URL

If you need my Paypal account let me know and I will provide it. 🙂

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