Malaysia – The First Time


It was June 3, 2008 (I know, I’ve been very very busy to post this trip) when I arrived at the Malaysian International Airport in Kuala Lumpur.  If I am correct this is the extension of the airport where Air Asia lands.  The airport was not that impressive but the good thing was they offer free wifi, (at least they are better than the Terminal 2 in Dubai).  I took advantage of it since I lost the print out of an address that I would like to visit but luckily I still have that information in my email.  So logged in to my iPhone email and voila, got the address…

After I passed the immigration and the baggage claim section, I was heading to the exit when an Airport security asked me from which country I came from.  I said I am from Philippines; then he said “Go ahead”.  Wow!  Being a Filipino gave me a privilege of avoiding the hassle of a baggage check where other nationalities were strictly being searched.  Aren’t you proud to be a Pinoy?  (FYI to the multi-nationals that visits my blog, Pinoy is a slang word of a Filipino).


It’s my first time in Malaysia so I opted to book an airport taxi going to Bintang area.  Travel time will be an hour at least and I was charged 90 Malaysian Ringgit (P1,239.00, US $27.00 ) not bad for an hour travel.  No need to be fancy with a hotel room so I booked myself to a 3 star hotel.  When I reached my room, I just took my camera and got out of the hotel to roam around for a while.


While checking out the place, I saw a food stand that sells Malaysian noodles.  I ordered the Big Bowl that cost RM5.50 (Php 76-) and a can of coke.  Yummy! 


I took some photos too of the famous landmark of Malaysia, The Petronas Towers.  I’ll post it next.


Photos below and more in the Photo Gallery.




Caption:  The jolly noodles vendor.



Caption:  The ingredients.



Caption:  preparing the fish noodles.



Caption:  The noodles vendor cart.

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