My Bucket List

My Travel Bucket List

Every traveler should have a list of things they want to see or do before they kick the bucket, and this is mine.  I don’t yet how many but as I go along the road I’ll keep adding and for now these are all what I can think of.  As I go along I am will be crossing them off and will definitely blog about with post links on each side.

1. Walk the Wall of China

2. Do a two week Europe tour where I need to drive from the point of entry to point of exit 🙂

3. Eat a Scorpion in Thailand?

4. Travel to Palawan

5. See Caramoan

6. Go Skydiving in Dubai

7. See Terra Cotta Warriors in China

8. See New Orleans

9.  Watch Miami Heat plays in Miami, Florida

10.  Be in a Caribbean Cruise

11. Do a Asian Cruise






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