NAIA employee sleeping time

While I was waiting at the Airport for my flight to Singapore I saw this NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) employee sat down near where I was sitting and he started sleeping. 

Fortunately he was not snoring.  J  naia-1.JPG 

It was about 12:30 PM and probably the employee was taking his lunch break and decided to take a nap before he goes back to work.  So, he’s off the hook if ever his Supervisor or any of NAIA management will see this blog.


Then, he shifted to another place, I guess to lean his head on a concrete post.  naia-2.JPG 

But my question is, aren’t there any rooms for employees for taking breaks in NAIA? 

Just a thought. 🙂

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  • hehehehe si lui talaga pilyo. FYI, i worked in NAIA before wala talagang assigned na rooms for us or pantry man lang for our break time. swerte nga ng mamang yan naka silya pa sya, eh kami sa floor lang nauupo. anways dear friend, nice shot huh!

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