Nepal, Day 1 – The Flight to Kathmandu


My flight schedule to Kathmandu was so convenient; I didn’t have to wake up so early to go to the airport and catch my flight and still had time to have breakfast at the Asiana Hotel.  It was scheduled at 1300 Dubai time via Qatar Airways.

You may have noticed that whenever I travel out of Dubai I fly with Qatar Airways.  It doesn’t bother me if I have almost two hours layover in Doha as long as I know that the airline will take care of me; new planes, good food, good service and beautiful Flight Attendants, hmmm.  And many times I have been bumped from Economy seats to first/business class, and on this flight it happened again.  Qatar Airways was not tagged as a Five Star Airline for nothing.  Thanks QA.

When I travel, I always prepare for some entertainment.  For this layover in Doha, I watched episodes of Jersey Shore Season 4 on my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  Hey, don’t judge me by watching this reality TV Show, I know it is lame but I find it entertaining and that is what you need when waiting for your next flight, especially when there’s no Wifi available.  Works for me!

After two hours stop-over in Doha, it only took 5 hours and 40 minutes to arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal.  Nepal is an hour and 45 minutes ahead of UAE.  The elevation is about 4,390 feet above sea level which I am not accustomed.  But of course, it will be higher where we are going to; Khumbu which is well known as The Everest Region.

I am kind of surprised that there are a lot of tourists who are lining up to get a Tourist Visa.  Although I am an Asian and a citizen of Philippines, I was not spared to pay for the $25 Visa Fee for a ten days stay.  I wonder if Nepalese are being charged when they enter The Philippines (If you happen to read this article and knew about it, please use the comment section below to educate me and other readers as well).

Tourists Visa fee depends on the period of your stay in Nepal.

  • US$ 25.00 for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 15 days.
  • US$ 40.00 for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 30 days.
  • US$ 100.00 for Tourist Visa with Multiple Entry for 100 days.

(My 15 day Nepal Visa)


(Tourists in line to get Visas)

While waiting for my friend and I’s turn to get the visa, there was a foreign exchange shop at the left of the Tourist Visa line.  US$ 1.00 is equivalent to Nepalese Rupees (NRP) 76.00.  Darn, one of the guys was telling me to take photos. Oops! Sorry, I don’t speak English. haha

Here are some of the photos when we were at the baggage claim area located at the ground floor of the airport.

(Oh, is that my Louis Vuitton Luggage?)

(This is the front of Tribhuvan International Airport)

(This is me, our transport of Shivapuri Heights Cottage & the driver fixing the flat tire)

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